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  • Sep 29 '11

    Quote from patient adv
    Is there a difference between a cordis and triple lumen catheter or is the terminology used interchangeably?

    I thought there was a difference but maybe I'm wrong.

    Would like some feedback from my nursing sisters and brothers please

    Thank you!
    The "Cordis" is a brand name. Kind of like "give me a Kleenex please" Kleenex is the brand name tissue is the thing it is. Cordis is used interchangeably with an "introducer" or "sheath"...."sheath introducer" a large single lumen catheter used to cannulate (like an IV catheter in the vein in the ..just bigger) the vessel whether artery or vein. This can be used by itself as a single lumen catheter or used as an entry point to thread additional infusion or monitoring devices into the catheter itself for infusion or monitoring purposes ie: Swan Ganz, also known as a PA catheter; triple lumen, also known as a multi lumen catheter which can also be a CVP line; dialysis catheters arterial line which an IABP (intra aortic balloon pump counter pulsation cardiac assist device) can be inserted.

    A triple lumen is a 3 lumen catheter with a proximal port (closest to the skin), medial port (between skin and SVC), and distal port or CVP port in the SVC (superior vena cava) or RA (right atrium) of the heart. It is also called a multi-lumen catheter. I believe it was "Bard" that coined the phrase "triple lumen".

    So you are right they are different....but are unfortunately used interchangeably. Know the idiosyncrasies of the facility and the difference's of your MD's.

    Which reminds me of a very funny story. I was in the ED and there was a new nurse in the trauma room with the trauma surgeon. The surgeon was from another part of the country.where I was from)... I heard him asking for "The Cordis, The Cordis! I want the Cordis!" and I heard the nurse turn and say..."What did you say to me??? I beg your pardon!!!" and she stormed out of the room came up to me and it dawned on me what she thought.

    She was indignant and said to me "You have to go in there right now and set him straight.......He keeps asking me for COITIS!!! over and over again, COITIS!! WHat the *&^% is wrong with HIM!! Does he really thing he's getting sex....I'll sue him for sexual harassment"
    I bust out laughing and told her he wanted a cordis....the introducer.....NOT COITIS...or SEX!!!!

    Know your local lingo....

  • May 13 '10

    It's hard to say that it's 100% for any states, but I haven't read in this thread that the trick gave them the opposite result. The people that were sent to the cc page replied back stating they failed unforunately. And the people who got the positive pop up saying later in this same thread that it did work for them.

  • May 12 '10

    i took my NCLEX-RN yesterday in california. Had 75 questions. All my questions were all psych and nutrition questions. I didnt get any respirtory, OB/peds, renal or neuro. It was mainly all priority questions in management of care and safety and infection. I didnt get any hot spots, audio/video, and i only got one drug calculation. Came home and tried the trick and i got the good pop up. Hopefully the trick will work for me. Ill let you all know what happens. I am already a believer of this trick because it worked for me when i took my LVN nclex last year! so hopefully i pass! Does anyone know if the boards post names up on their website on friday? it says online that they do, but due to the furloughs i hear they are closed for the first 3 fridays of each month. thanks!

  • May 12 '10

    Worked for me. Took the test 10:30 am on May 10. Shut off at 75 questions so I figured, I'm toast. Did the PVT when I got home 2 hours later, got the popup. Tonight at 1:30 am I got the email from the Oregon Board of Nursing with my license number.

    I'll say this for Oregon - they're fast! Pearsonvue still says my exam results are not available, and I already have my license number from the state! I didn't even have to pay the $7.95!

    Equusz, RN, EMT-P

  • May 12 '10

    Hi everyone! Pearson vue trick really works. My friend and I took nclex RN exam last 05/06/10 and when we got home we both tried this PVT to register. When I tried to register, there's a pop up saying that "our records indicate that etc.", but unfortunately, when my friend tried her account there's no pop up, she reached the cc payment page. we both have SSN#. i just found out this morning that my name is already on website, I PASSED! Thank GOD! But my friend's name is still not there... :-(