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  • Oct 28

    I completed the WOCN Emory program in January. Bridge week was in February. Emory provided study materials specifically to study for the certification exam. Bridge week helped me prepare for the exam also. I strongly recommend the Emory program. I followed the instructions and passed all three exams on the first try. I took one exam per week, just as Emory recommended. Good luck in your journey to certification. Have a good day.

    Jbudrick, CWOCN

  • Oct 7

    Listening to a lecture on tape takes as long as the class did. The best and most efficient use of my study time was to listen intently to the lecture and take notes. I reviewed my notes after the lecture and before tests. Hope this helps. Good luck.


  • Mar 16

    Another option is Montgomery straps. If you really need to change the dressing three times daily, this is low cost way to to keep the dressing in place and reduce skin damage. Best wishes.