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    My hair is very long, I would either have it braided or would put it up into a pony tail then on the last twist of the schunchy I would pull my hair threw it just enough that the bottom part was not touching my neck and then take a clipcomb that I got from dollar store and place it on the part that out of the last part of the scrunchy. The instructors said that they like it and wish others would do it that way also. I know one student her hair to thick to do it that way and she would just braid it down and roll the braid up in a circle and pin it down that way. Not sure if you can wear the headbands in front we couldn't but I do for work which also keeps the hair looken good while up in a pony tail.

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    Endocrone system and butt and guts is were I had the lowest grade in on quizzes and test. Wouldn't have thought of doing it like a test mode. Thanks

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    Well this past term I missed passing Med-Surg 2 by 1 point on the final so I just have only this class to deal with. I have flashcards, read chapter front to back, did workbook, questions on the CD that came with the book. But for some reason this old brain not clicken with it. Any ideas that can help me.

    I was thinking about instead of using powerpoints from class that have all the notes and stuff on it to start fresh,

    any suggestions is helpful. I been bugging my co-workers on ideas on what they did to pass when they were going.


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    Ya working can be hard if you can't take some of the school work with you. When I have to work. I take my flash cards with me that I made for a class that I know I have a test in. The nurses help me also if I have any questions. It all depends on who and where you work also. And always put work first. Really shows the boss that you can multitask and know your priority.

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    I work part time for staffing agency that been good to me, they work around my school hours. Even tho only weekends and some short evenings on days I have morning clinicals. Its hard to work and study but surviving. Had been thinking about quiting school due to money issues but I only have 2 more terms to do and when I look ahead I know I am bettering myself. Work as a Nurse aide for 23yrs. this old body can't take the hard lifting and I don't want to change career. Luve the medical field.


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    Well I heard threw the grape fine that after Kaplan get the new building up and going they are talking about starting a RN program. Just have to wait and see. I hope they do. I like the small class environment.

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    Well I am already in Kaplan. Been on the waiting list for SCC since 2001 when I moved up here from Kansas. Ya may have to pay more but its worth then the long wait . I had no pre-rqu to take or anything and really love the small classes. I live in Milford. :typing

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    Well I be 42 when I finally get my LPN done then off to RN.. Plus I refuse to grow up so think that helps on some of it.

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    well first year student here. do have 20 yrs nursing under belt as an aide and paramedic. but i be getting old and need something slower... lol
    live out side of lincoln in a very small town. so far life is school and sleep unless lucky to sit here and see the birds pig out

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    Well I am in LPN school right now. Worked as Nurse aide for over 20 yrs. I have other medical training also. Just this body getting to old to do the lifting. Plus my life goal was RN so I just slow getting to it. Mother of 3 boys all grown and out on their own. Married 2 yrs now which is wonderful everyday is something different that for sure. Hometown is Salina Kansas but now live up in Nebraska.
    Besides cleaning the cobwebs out of this mind. I enjoy fishing,reading, listen to different kinds of music. Spending time with my dogs and just being in the sun.