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    What book is that?

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    i'm having my first lab test on monday. does anyone know of some good websites that would have really good pics of mitosis phases, epithelial tissues and connective tissues??

    thank you!!

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    i'm taking human bio this summer. boy, it's alot tougher than i thought--too much info. in such a small amount of time. i regret taking it, but nothing i can do about it now. good luck to us all!

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    Thanks to all who gave me advice. My sister gave me her old A&P I and I'm going to start making flash cards. I don't start the class until the Fall, but I think I could go ahead & make some. How soon do you all have to learn the ENTIRE body--muscles, skeletol structure, etc.??

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    I'm taking Human Bio & Intro. to Pysh. this summer. I just hope the bio isn't too hard?!?

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    Sounds like flash cards are a biggie! I will definatley do that!


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    thanks!! what a great site!!

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    hello! i'll be starting a&p 1 in the fall and was wondering if anyone has any study tips? like what helps you get it?? tips, tips anyone?


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    hi! i'm taking human bio this summer then a&p 1 this fall. along with a anthropology & english. i'm married and have two little boys so i hope i do well!

    good luck to us all!!

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    I'm also taking it at community college. I was just curious as to what kind of material I should start familiarizing myself with.

    Thanks for the info!

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    can anyone tell me if human bio is a hard class? i'm taking it this summer.


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    thanks for responding soo quickly! it's good to know, i won't have to retake the test.

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    does every state have their own nclex exam? i'm a pre-nursing student in ny, but will eventually move to tx after nursing school and was wondering about having to retake the nclex for the state of texas??


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    big congrats to you!!! good luck!!!!

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    hello!! i'm a pre-nursing student and i just want to say, thank you for being here!!! i've found some really motivating stories and everyone seems to be soo helpful! i'm just starting out with my pre-reqs. this summer and i'm really nervous about the whole thing! i want to be a rn soo bad i can taste it. thanks again for all the time you take out of your busy lives to keep this site going!!!

    :typing i'm addicted to!!! :typing

    :heartbeatlet the journey to my dreams begin!!:heartbeat