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A&p 1 Study Tips?


hello! i'll be starting a&p 1 in the fall and was wondering if anyone has any study tips? like what helps you get it?? tips, tips anyone?:bugeyes:


thanks!! what a great site!! :)

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I took these classes separately. For the physio I just had to go to as many study groups and I could and write out processes over and over until I got them (and draw pictures). For anatomy, get flash cards!!! I also took pictures of the cadavers at school (its ok if you do not take a picture of the face and only use them for yourself) and for the bones I made copies from our lab book and cut them out for use at home...I am a hands on learner...this didn't work with the pelvis tough since it is do dimensional.. I am sure people on here will give you websites, and I am sure they will help but I never used them, I spent a lot of my free time in the lab looking at slides, touching, feeling, and getting familiar with the bones, and making up practice tests with other students with the cadavers... and I got A's in both classes.

Sounds like flash cards are a biggie! I will definatley do that!

Thanks! :)

I probably wouldn't have done nearly as well in AP1 without flash cards- it's easy to study for the final if you can just go over all of your flashcards from the semester

Also before big exams remember that they can ask for paragraph responses- know not only the answers to multiple choice questions, but how to write down how something works in a paragraph.

Talk to your friends in AP1 and study with them if possible, go to all the labs, and study every day.

At first it's very overwhelming (well it was for me!) but once I got into the habit of studying every day I did fine. I'd make flash cards the day after the lecture and study them all week on the bus (I bus at least an hour a day)- as well as going through the notes, textbook, and any additional info they gave me. If something came up more than once (aka textbook and lecture) I knew it was probably going to be on the exam!

good luck!

I know its antagonizing.. I love flashcards. I do them for everything.

Though I am scheduled to start AP I in the fall and haven't taken it yet.. my biology teacher said a lot of students find making their own tests very useful.

After every lecture I make a worksheet; basically make questions out of every note and then an answer key. You can do the same with flashcards but the worksheet is kind of easier to look at, at first.

I also record all my science lectures and listen to them throughout the week. I lay in bed with a face mask so I can't distract myself and put in the earbuds! My cat cuddles with me too LOL

Thanks to all who gave me advice. My sister gave me her old A&P I and I'm going to start making flash cards. I don't start the class until the Fall, but I think I could go ahead & make some. How soon do you all have to learn the ENTIRE body--muscles, skeletol structure, etc.??

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