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  • Apr 23 '08

    I found a website that helps with A & P-

    Hopes this helps both me and any one else taking A & P during the summer


  • Apr 20 '08

    I took human bio in the summer many years ago and it was interesting and not too hard. Had an excellent, well prepared, very professional instructor, so certainly that helped. It is a great primer for A&P. If you have had A&P or any kind of bio, it will be a cake-walk. Enjoy.

  • Apr 8 '08

    Quote from cafemocha33
    Hi karen230,
    Thanks for that info. I'm really nervous about the whole thing too. I want it soo badly I can hardly stand the wait. Your right--kinda like labor different for all of us, I'll never know until I try it. Thank you SOOO much for letting me know what your friend said.

    Hey no problem. I have been hoping to find someone going into the program at NCCC and have finally found people so any info that I get I will gladly pass along.

  • Apr 7 '08

    Just so you know, Trocaire is uber pricey for the degree you get.

  • Apr 5 '08

    I am in the Buffalo Niagara area too and going to NCCC.

    If you are looking for housing you can email me I am a Realtor too. If you are specifically looking to house with another student check out the website on NCCC and look at 'off campus housing roommates wanted, etc...
    good luck

  • Apr 4 '08

    I think it depends on which classes you are going to be taking, and which ones you've already taken. If by Biology classes, you mean A&P and Micro, not General Biology (assuming you've had General Biology), then you could probably just be sure to read the first 2-3 chapters of your textbook in the weeks before class starts.

    I am almost finished with A&P I and Micro right now and there was definitely some review in the beginning...however, the instructor assumes you know the stuff from Gen. Bio and doesn't spend much time on it. This was especially true for A&P...the first 3 chapters were mostly review of Gen Bio. It had been 15 yrs since I had Biology so I was VERY glad that I had read those chapters before class started.

    Knowledge is power (and helps you get a better grade!), so it sure wouldn't hurt to check out Barnes and Noble too. Good Luck!

  • Apr 4 '08

    go online and read as much as you can! great materia available for refreshment of your memory, and it will ease up your brain so the class can go smooth