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    I started to cry when I was reading your post. I graduated December 05. I will be taking my test for the second time on March 4. Everyday I cry when I'm alone. I feel like I'm a failure to my family, because I have put them on the back burner when I attended Nursing School. I just what to pass this test and enjoy my family. Thank You for your encouragement.
    There is a higher power.

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    I graduated from Nursing school 2years ago. I took my first NCLEX exam in July 06. I didn't pass. I have been dealing with a lot of family illness , and I have been having a lot of test anxiety. I have push my test back, if I don't take the test in March of 08, I will lose the cost of the exam. If there is anyone that can give me any last minute tips, my ears are open.:bowingpur