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    good i got the job, and start in a few weeks.
    thanks for the advice from everyone.

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    Thanks for that Info will have a good read, fingers crossed


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    Hi nyapa,
    i have just finished mine too. It feels kind of wierd cause your not treated like a' "grad" anymore, your just a normal RN. now you are expected to do what the others do, and you are kind of on your own but still have the support. especially since the new grads come along the focus isnt on yu anymore. one example i was on call for the first time the other night, i didnt get called in but it was still that realisation that people treat me normal now and dont shelter you anymore.

    however, having said that, there are still things that i am learning and doing for the first few times, but i feel like i am further ahead with experience and knowledge. if you know what i mean. i know it would be different on a ward as opposed to theatre where i am.
    also it seems like everyone takes you more seriously now. do you get that, or is it just me.


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    Hello everyone,
    I am having a phone interview for a job in about a week.
    the lady said she would be asking me questions based on clinical knowledge etc.
    i just want to know what kind of things I should expect to be asked.
    if anyone has had one before what kind of questions did you have and what were your responses.
    this would help me quite alot, as ive never had one b4. i just want to be prepared and say the right things.
    thanks in advance

    Its for a job in theatre by the way.

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    Hi Tina,
    from an old grad to a new grad, in qld which hospital will u be working at.
    dont worry about te QNC, my friend was in the same boat as you and it did come through eventually. but the other person was right, you dont need it for orientation, it will al be good.
    good luck and enjoy.
    you are a real nurse now. RN=Real Nurse.
    i have just finished my grad year, and it was great.

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    Hi fellow nurses,
    just got a question for all those rns out there,
    i am a theatre nurse, and i just wanted to know what do i need to do to become a clinical nurse.
    is it level 2, im preety sure it is, and another question is it different in each states.
    do you have to have any ears of experience or how does it work.

    that is what the next step is for me, \but i just dont know how it works or any other qualifications an RN needs.

    any help would be great, thanks,

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    Hi Ausnurse2b,

    i remember feeling the very same things you felt on the first day.
    everyone was really nice. some nurses wanted to let me do things that were outside my learning scope of practice. if we hadnt done it at uni, we didnt do it on prac. all i did was obs, talked to patients, showers, meds etc.
    i have ended up working in the hospital where i did my first prac, only it is in theatre, i am almost finished my grad year. it has been a hard year but worth it, and i still have alot to learn.

    ask the ward if you can follow a patient through to theatre and then look after them when they return. it really helps you put the whole process together and understand things when you see what happens to the patient and why they have pain, etc.
    i followed patients through every chance i im in theatre and i loveit, but its not for everyone, you either love it or hate it.
    anyway good luck and enjoy.
    i have learnt they dont expect yo to know everything, so dont act like you do and you will be fine.


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    Hi peoples,

    Wish I had found this site a long time ago, always looking for a chat with other nuses :-).

    Anyway a bit about myself I am a Grad student working in theatre and having lots of fun well as mush as you can.

    I am thinking probably late next year of going rural, my husband is over Brisbane and would rather live far away from people as posibble lol and all we have been waiting for is for me to do is finish UNI for the second time gain some experience then take the profits from our house and head somwhere like Tamworth buy a house and not have a mortgage hanging over our heads.

    my Husband and I are both from sydney came to brisbane about 8 years ago and would like to be a bit closer but not to close as well if you no what I mean to family.

    I have been looking for jobs on the net but not really having a fruitful experience, NSW health is no real help, a few placements but no real info on Tamworth Base Hospital besides what they cater for doesnt say the amount of theatres if theř are looking for nurses yada yada yada.

    Would most of the placements be done by agencys for rural areas and if so anyone have any idea who looks after the NEW England area?

    I have sent an email off to Tamworth but havent had a reply but it only has been a couple of days.

    Any help would be much appriciated