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Hi fellow nurses,

just got a question for all those rns out there,

i am a theatre nurse, and i just wanted to know what do i need to do to become a clinical nurse.

is it level 2, im preety sure it is, and another question is it different in each states.

do you have to have any ears of experience or how does it work.

that is what the next step is for me, \but i just dont know how it works or any other qualifications an RN needs.

any help would be great, thanks,



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I know my hospital offers a Level One to Two Development Programme. Our unit facilitator/charge nurse is very open to helping people develop on their career pathway. Maybe your unit manager/charge/educator is too?

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In SA I have heard that when you have a minimum of 4 years experience in one field then you can apply for recognition of that to become a CN. I am not sure if it means that a CN position is required or if it is more a status type promotion????



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Hey Scrubber,

A CN position in QLD generally requires a level of clinical skill rather than years of service.

For a Theatre Nurse it may require that you are, and can demonstrate to be, a clinical expert in your field:

(eg general/urology/gynae/vascular/neuro etc).

You need to be practicing at an advanced level, have demonstrated a level of commitment to that field (eg masters or working towards, a relevant portfolio and preceptorship/education qualities).

Following that you generally have to submit a CV and answer relevant selection criteria that cover clinical and professional topics. Once you get short listed you are then interviewed by a panel, who collectively rate your responses to questions against a set of desired responses. As long as you obtain at least 50% you can be eligible for selection.

Good luck!

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