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  • May 19

    Here is a fun thread of patient allergies!

    I had a guy who was allergic to tin foil once...

  • Feb 8

    Quote from mirgadia05
    yeah maybe I should go back to Asia where they don't tend to wipe the back once I get my degree here.

    I will try to change all the policies and standards that nurses do have to wipe the back in future
    or else I will do something unrelated to wiping. I really see economical benefits towards changing this standard. How come few of current nurses here
    don't see these benefits?
    Most of us don't see the "benefits" because in holistic nursing cleaning a person is some of the most important time to check for skin breakdown, assess nutrition (stool consistency, mucous, blood etc) and re-evaluate care. Nurses are paid and are legally responsible under their licenses to assess, evaluate and treat the entire person!

    Plus, there is nothing quite like pulling a clean sheet and comforter over someone who is bedridden, knowing they are clean, dry and comfortable.


  • Jan 11

    I believe the spark can be static electricity from what I am reading.


  • Dec 19 '17

    Quote from TiffanyLe
    Thanks for your responses everybody. I'd like to revisit this topic and ask you.....if you had to do it differently with your failed relationships, what would you do differently?
    I would have never gone out with the guy who had no job, no car, and smoked weed all day... LOL

  • Dec 6 '17

    Quote from wooh
    It might not have even been an off day. Doing something different than you would does not necessarily mean wrong.

    I often don't call RR when a newer nurse would because I know that everything is being done that can be done. Having an rapid response nurse come to the room won't make what's being done have magical curative powers. If it was your patient and you called RR, great, you did good. Me not calling, it's not bad, it's just different.
    And I did note that in another post I made where I said my floor generally relied on each other and not RRT when a patient was questionable

    My point was basically not to confront her about the situation, but to be aware. I did wind up being the nurse who "was talked to" because I was unwilling to ask for help and would call RRT before looking to my colleagues. I learned a valuable lesson from those conversations which made me a much stronger team mate, but no one jumped on me the first time they saw it happen, it was gradual.

  • Jun 29 '17

    Nah. What bugs me is patients who ask for fried chicken after a heart cath.