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    I am not asking for any legal advice. I just want to see if anyone ever had to have a hearing at there BON and prove they are of good moral character so they can get their license? Just wanted to know if anyone had any success with this

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    I have a similiar situation right now happening to me. I have a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property from five years ago. I however do not have it on my state criminal background check. When I started nursing school they did one on me and nothing came up and also when I got hired for my job nothing came up. But.. me being the very honest person I am I found my old court records and sent them into my BON. Well this was in june of this year and I am still waiting. I have to have a hearing and prove to the BON that I am of good moral character. I still did not get my hearing date yet. This has been very hard on my whole family. Luckily my hospital is holding my job for me. This has been a very hard summer I was so proud at my graduation for all the work I did, I had excellant grades in school. Now I sit here not working, no health insurace, and hurt. I would recommend you contact your BON first so you don't have to deal with what I am dealing with.

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    Hi, I am new to here. I graduated in may of this year from nursing school. I had a misdemeanor of receiving stolen property from about five years ago. I have no PA state criminal background when you do a check on me, but I knew the court sheets were out there somewhere so when I applied for my TPP and to sit for boards I disclosed the info to them. I just got the letter in the mail today for my hearing and I am soo scared and nervous. Does anyone know any good lawyers in PA? Or has anyone else had to do this. I have to prove I am of good moral character. I have my director of my nursing program and teacher writing character witness letters and my pastor. I also have many people willing to come to harrisburg with me to testify on my behalf. I just wanted to see if anyone else ever did this and can give me some advice. I need some support this is really ripping me apart.