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    Quote from chapis
    forgot to mention, i am not catholic, but my sil is, so when she baptized my nephew we got invited and of course we were there. i may not agree with some of the teachings about that church, but that day, it wasn't about me, or my beliefs, it was a very important day for her, as well as for my nephew. this is when we put our differences aside and become part of each other's life by participating.

    what is santa bringing your little one?!??!!!!
    i agree with all the advice you guys gave and appreciate it.... not coming to his christening really hurt me.. like i said, even my jewish friends came!! it is very important for me to know that my son will know jesus and although his family is not religious that is not the point, it was just a milestone in his life and a lovely party that she missed. i am just aggrevated with her. i am trying to explain to jb that she should be thrilled to be a part of this little boy's life... not act like it is a chore for her. i don't want her to change and i'm not asking her something that's rediculous, really. my parents live 30 miles away and they are here alllllllllll the time.

    my heart breaks for jb because he does not realize how silly he sounds when he is trying to make excuses for this woman. he says "she'll be so excited to watch him".... "she'll care more about him when sister's wedding is over".... "she doesn't like to leave the house".... "she's busy at work".... i could go on and on and on and on.... its so sad how much damage this woman has done to him.

    not worth my energy. i've done all the praying i care to do about it because i don't think she's going to come around anytime soon. my door is always open....but like i said, you gotta meet me atleast halfway and show some interest.

    i don't wanna go back to work but as of now i carry the benefits for our health insurance and until this changes we cannot afford for me not to. i wish i had more time with him but because of the 6 weeks i took off on bedrest with my pih i am stuck with a much shorter maternity leave. my job will only be held until january 3.

    i'm still going to put my foot down on no babysitting. i just hope it doesn't ruin my relationship. it seems to me he is so desperate to be accepted and loved by his mother he's making me out to be the bad guy and he wants her so badly to love our child that he's making up excuses for her and arguing a moot point with me.. i just want to protect my baby.

    now as for santa, he did pay him a visit at the mall, and jason slept the entire time, didn't wake up for his photos lol.... he will only be 2 months old for christmas but we have bought him a bunch of cool baby einstein toys and stuff to stimulate his mind like a piano he can kick with his feet in his crib. also got lots of books. i like to read to him. i have wrapped the gifts and put them under the tree and i suppose i will be unwrapping them too, lol. i'm very blessed i get to be home with him for his first christmas!!!

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    congratulations!!!! so exciting for you!

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    hello friends, i have been absent as i am enjoying all my time with my new little man (who is going to be 7 weeks old in a few days... can you BELIEVE it???). he is so beautiful and starting to do all these sweet little baby smiles and coos. i don't wanna go back to work

    anywho, i need guidance... and prayers for patience... and maybe a bang head here sign.
    so, background, JB and his mom have never gotten along too well. he has two sisters. one of which is pregnant with a girl, getting married soon.

    she is passive-aggressive, just plain mean to him, with backhanded and embarassing comments that he will never amount to anything, that his sister did this or that and he didn't, that he's not as good as doing such and such as whoever else, etc etc. she started in on him so badly at my baby shower that my father asked her to be quiet. he tells me this does not bother him and that he has learned to not care what she says but he tolerates her well. she clearly favors her daughters and nothing, nothing, nothing JB does is ever good enough for her.

    i was on bedrest for six weeks. not once did i receive a phone call, a visit, a meal, nothing. JB says thats not her way. OK, i'll let it go.

    when Jason was born, she was there at the hospital and actually cried. i thought, well maybe she has a soul, i will give her the benefit of the doubt to be a good grandparent for my son. she came by once after the baby was born, i had a spinal headache and she brought over dinner--but i was in too much pain to eat. so she gave the baby a bottle and TOOK HER LEFTOVERS HOME. okay, my family's from italy, so we feed people, so maybe i'm being oversensitive.

    she came by again for a 5 minute visit when he was about 3 weeks old. keep in mind, the chick lives about 15 minutes away and works at the clinic here on the island which is TWO MINUTES from my house. she gave him a bottle and went home.

    JB decided one day it would be nice to bring the baby by his parents house when he was around a month old, because he thought he would put in the effort. he got the baby ready while i was at the supermarket and we were going to go over there when i was done. she called back and said "forget it, you took too long, we have things to do to prepare for (JB sister's) wedding." so in my effort to be Christian about this, i offered to meet them at the chapel so they could see my son. he was sound asleep when we arrived and they were too busy going into the chapel to pay him any mind, so i got angry, put my peanut in the stroller and took a walk.

    fast foward now, Jason is almost 7 weeks old. my son was baptized on Saturday at my Catholic church. we had a nice party at our home afterwards with friends and family. his father came to the ceremony but did not come to the party because he had a "honey-do" list for sister's wedding. his mom did not show for either, saying she doesn't go to church and she had charts to sign at the clinic. MY JEWISH FRIENDS CAME TO CHURCH AND ITS HANNUKAH. that, my friends, was the nail in her coffin.

    she called JB the other day while we were out at lunch. she does not ask him how Jason is. she instead only asks him to measure the docks where sister is getting married. he hangs up, and i say to him "now, logically, doesn't that phone call prove your mother is ignoring my son?"

    so he tells me, she doesn't show she loves the baby but she WILL. i have to bring the baby to her so she can get to know him. she's antisocial, it's not her way. it's more important for her to be involved with sister's pregnancy bc it's her daughter. poppy cock!!!! i see this comment on facebook the other day, now that sister is far along enough to announce it's a girl, saying "that's what we wanted". sorry i don't produce the sex of the grandchild you wanted!

    so i've had it. i am going back to work and JB is SET that his mom will babysit my baby while we are working. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. why do i want my baby around someone who is so cold? she has made no effort to get to know him. she doesn't know him. and he doesn't know her. what am i supposed to do, say "here's your grandson, please love him and pay him some attention?"..... if she made an effort, i'd meet her halfway... invite us over, call me and ask how he's doing.... COME TWO MINUTES DOWN THE ROAD AND SAY HELLO! but until i see that, i'm done with her. JB is now saying that if i don't bring my son to his mother's house so she can see him than it's my fault they don't have a relationship. is she crippled? seriously? my 80 year old grandfather who walks with a walker has driven 30 miles one way to my house to see my son.. and my dad who has MS and has had a stroke sees him almost every other day. pitiful. SHE is the reason why she has no relationship with him. she has my phone number. i am not going to force a relationship with her. i don't care if she likes me, but why is my son the unfortunate caught in the middle of a hostile mother and son relationship? JB is bending over backwards for her to know this baby and she's still not putting forth any effort. you can't be grandma only when it's convenient. sorry for your luck.

    somebody help me. thanks if you read that whole thing!!!!

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    i really lost sleep over getting this vaccine or not when i was pregnant because i worked up until i was 33 weeks...i was terrified of contracting the H1N1 while pregnant... but i went out on bedrest and i ended up not getting the vaccine during pregnancy.

    i did however receive the vaccine postpartum, upon recommendation of my son's pediatrician after a lengthy discussion... since i am breastfeeding, the hopes are that some of the antibodies will be passed to him. there was 25 mcg of thimerosal in the shot and the pediatrician said such a minute amount if any would be passed through the breast milk that the benefit would outweigh the risk.

    i may, however, continue to wear a mask when i return to work (that's the rule--no flu shot, mask until march) because i don't want any chance of contracting the flu with a newborn at home... every time i've been vaccinated, i've gotten the seasonal flu anyways.

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    thanks everyone! we are just getting used to our new schedule. loving every minute. already had his first checkup and he's doing great! already @ his birth weight.

    i unfortunately have a delayed spinal h/a from my epidural which is kind of rediculous so my mom has been staying with me so that i can get some extra rest.

    anyways, being a mom is so wonderful. praising God everyday for this little guy!!

    here's another photo:

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    woohooo yankees!!!
    me and little jay watched last night. already got him a world series shirt, although it will be way too big for a while.

    i love my bronx bombers!!!!!!!!

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    hey everyone. happy halloween!
    we got home tonight! i am so pooped.
    everything went so well. little guy got stuck in the birth canal for a little bit but he came out alright! daddy even got to help pull him out. i have so many great pictures that the nurses took for me (i delivered where i work so i had ALOT of company).
    we were watching the series of course, since i don't miss a yankee game, and i have a picture of the baby coming out with derek jeter on the TV in the background. apparently i yelled "come on derek, earn your damn money" before the big push...

    so i have a beautiful little boy, very healthy, looks just like me honestly.
    god is so wonderful, he has blessed us so much.
    this pregnancy and all it's difficulties just melted away when i met this baby.

    i am going to get going but i will put up a photo....

    here is his first car ride today:

    thanks to everyone for all the love, prayers, thoughts, encouragment and support. it means so much to our family.

    talk soon!
    thanks leslie for updating everyone!

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    Quote from Katie5
    From what I was told, this crash cart did not have that, an ambu-bag or a mouth piece.And this was told to me, so I cannot in all honesty vouch for the accuracy of the story. just wanted more information on the protocol of cpr when such happens.
    yikes. where was this?
    if there is no mouth piece or ambu bag, good high quality chest compressions are the most important part of CPR anyways, just open the airway. you can though, in a pinch, use any kind of plastic (like a bag) to sheild your mouth--but there is no one way valve, and you'd be wasting valuable heart time to make it. in a situation like that, i would hope just good chest compressions were initated and the airway was taken over when EMS arrived.

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    Quote from NurseLoveJoy88
    no biases I just hated right handed desks.I did well clinically I just had to get on the opposite side of the maniken when practing my skills.
    yeah, that was always a pain in the butt.
    i remember the first time i tried to do a foley cath, lol. i was all discombobulated.
    i just stand more towards the foot of the bed now.

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    not really any difficulties, but when i was learning how to start IV's, i had such a hard time getting a good anchor (bc my hand was in the way) that i learned how to do them right handed also. can't do much else with that hand, but i can start an IV.

    there really isn't too much right or left handed equipment per say, but a pair of left handed bandage scissors would be nice!!

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    i am not sure what type of setting you work in but i absolutely would not take an order from anyone but the doctor themselves (i work in a hospital). i am responsible for transcribing it in the chart and then giving the patient that medication or treatment or whatever, and my name is signed that i spoke with the doctor. if it was a mistake, my license would be in jeopardy.

    we often have issues with direct admits with orders scribbled out and doses are incorrect or medication frequencies are wrong and we have to call the doctor to clarify bc the doc's handwriting is sloppy. what if the MA reads it incorrectly and you take it over the phone as a TO? i would rather be safe than sorry and hear it from the prescriber's mouth, nothing against MA's, i would be hesitant to take a telephone order from anyone but the doc.

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    not sure if anyone remembers... but sometime earlier this year, i made a bet with a certain red sox fan on this website that my bronx bombers were going to the series and he said no, the red sox were going. whoever won got to choose the other's avatar here on AN for three months.

    so, last night the yankees won the ALCS.
    which avatar do you like better for my red sox fan friend???
    eriksoln, feel free to let me know if you prefer one with derek jeter on it. i think these are pretty tolerable

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    did the pt code in the bed? if you don't have a board on your crash cart, pull the headboard or footboard off the bed, stick it under the patient, and start compressions.

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    Quote from blondy2061h
    What's a core measure? We're trying for magnet now, and I've never heard of this.
    they're pathways of care for patients with certain admission diagnoses, such as stroke and CHF.
    for example, if your patient gets admitted with a stroke, they must have a specific set of interventions met by day 1, 2, 3, etc... and tests performed and resulted by a certain time... and specific discharge measures that must be reviewed with the patient by the designated core measures nurse prior to their discharge.

    so by day 1 (i have some of these memorized), the patient admitted with a stroke MUST have:
    NIHSS q 2 h x 24 h
    GCS q 2 h x 12 h
    vital signs q 2 h x 12 h
    ASA 81mg unless plavix is ordered or stroke is hemorrhagic
    NSS @ 50ml/hr unless otherwise specified
    MRI of the brain
    MRA of the carotids
    psychiatric consult
    PT/OT/ST consult
    SCD's or TED hose
    Lovenox mg/kg QD unless contraindicated
    CT of the head x 2
    etc, etc, etc..... the trick is though, to get the admitting doctor to check off the proper orders!

    then, each day there are new goals and interventions recommended that then nurse must sign off.
    if you miss one, the core measures nurse will huff and puff and blow your house down.
    last write up i got was because the nurse in the ER timed the NIH off on the paperwork from when the pt was admitted so my times were off for when they finished and i was the one who got in trouble for not having an NIH done at a certain time.
    then, when they get discharged, there is a whole other process that takes an hour or two to complete.

    it really is the best, evidenced based practice for care of the pt with specific diagnoses--but it's a pain for the nurse and administration really likes to dangle it over your head if you miss something when half the time it's the physician who hasn't ordered it.

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    she was so wise beyond her years. i really enjoyed watching her on TV.
    she said something along the lines of "just because i'm different, doesn't mean i'm not the same".... her unbreakable spirit was just something else.

    i am glad she was here as long as she was. i for one was truly touched by her story.