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    I want to go back to school to get my MSN w/ option in Nursing Education. I'm looking into the University of Phoenix in reaching this goal. Im thinking about getting the degree online because it's more flexible for me. I know you need to have an MSN in order to teach at the University level- can you teach at this level if you obtain your MSN online? Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

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    Thank you. I'm living in the bay area... specifically Fremont. I've been asking around through my contacts and checked online for jobs but they're all mostly staff II nurses needed or they want at least a year of ACUTE care experience. I would be willing to relocate, but it's not really a good time right now because I would have to leave my dad, and that would be hard cuz it's now just the two of us...

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    Hello all!

    So I've been working at a SNF now for almost 6 months. I'm kind of part time and on call and I FLOAT which really sucks. I feel like I still can't get use to the med pass and getting done on time. Recently my mom who has been so supportive of me passed away, so I've been really stressed. My workplace has been so supportive and let me off for some time. I just went back to work this past Monday and again, the stress with the floating. I woke up this morning thinking, "I think I've reached my breaking point... I really need a change!" I know this economy is really bad right now, but I was just wondering if there are hospitals that do hire a nurse with SNF experience? I heard it's really hard to get into the acute setting after working at a SNF... but I really need a change! Or is there any other options that could work, like do clinics hire a nurse after working at a SNF? I'm super stressed and feeling like I can't handle things anymore... any advice???


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    Quote from vicky3269
    Hmmm, as a new grad I was wondering the same thing. However I have been told by a few people (including a nurse recruiter) that generally hospitals don't like to hire RNs after working in a SNF as I guess they just don't consider it acute care experience.

    If this economy ever gets back to where it was however, I am sure there will be a HUGE nursing shortage and they will probably take whoever they can get. Good luck!

    I really hope hospitals will still hire nurses that started out at SNFs... I just started last month at a SNF and I really don't want to get stuck where I am. This is why I didn't want to start at a SNF in the first place, because I really didn't know if my experience there would still help me get hired at a hospital later on... but yes, hopefully they will hire whoever they can get later on.

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    I totally feel you... I graduated in March 2008, got my license in May and am STILL jobless. I think the vast majority of my classmates are working now and I feel like I may be the only person left in my cohort without one... which I really hope isn't the case, even tho I really am happy for those who were able to land one. *sigh* I tend to wonder myself if there's something wrong with me or how I'm going about trying to find a job, but I know it's the economy right now, so it's not YOU. I really sympathize with you a lot but we have to stay strong, even if we feel like giving up! Good luck on your job search and hopefully us new grads will find one SOON.

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    Hey all! Just wondering if anybody knows how much an RN would make working at a nursing home or Skilled Nursing Facility in the Bay Area?

    Also, just thought I 'd throw this question in since I kind of asked in another thread... due to the economy and it being tough to find a new grad position in the Bay Area... if you're a new grad and you started out working at a nursing home, is it possible to still get into a New Grad program? Has anybody gone through this kind of experience?

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    You have 6 hours total to complete the exam. Therefore, there is no specific time limit per question so you can take as much time needed to answer each one. Give each question some thought but do watch the clock to be aware of how long you are taking. You don't want to be caught in the situation where you have only answered like 50 questions with only half an hour or an hour left, knowing that the minimum is 75 or 85. You don't want to have to rush with your time when you have many more questions left to go.

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    I think I want to retry asking my question... re-word it i guess, haha.

    From what I understand, less than 6 months experience working as a nurse is considered a Staff Nurse 1 and 6 months or greater experience makes you a Staff Nurse 2. I am a new grad... If I got a job at a nursing home or convalescent hospital and worked there for at least 6 months, and if I applied at hospitals (acute care) such as Kaiser or those under SUtter Health (after those 6 months), would I be considered staff nurse 2 there? Do you think hospitals would consider that (those 6 months) enough experience to work on their floors like Med/surg and make me a staff nurse 2? I'm sorry if I'm not making sense. I've been trying for a while now to find a job, applying at many hospitals, and am now considering nursing homes to start out with.

    In your opinions, taking consideration into how the economy is and how hard it is for new grads to get jobs, what would you recommend? Do you think it would be better to start at a nursing home or try to hang in there and go straight into an acute care hospital?

    As for the other part of my question in the earlier part of this thread... lemme throw this out to anyone who got into a new grad program... did any of you work in an RN position, like in a nursing home or per diem anywhere, before getting accepted into a new grad program? Or did you basically just graduated, took the test and passed, and got into a program with no working in between? Hope this makes sense or else I'm just rambling and confusing everybody else ... haha

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    Quote from vivicaq
    Has anyone had trouble logging into the CHW website to create a profile so you can apply for a job? I am getting frustrated. I brought it to the attention of the HR recruiter and he said that i should fax my resume. In my opinion that is the least effective way to secure a job. I would rather have a profile which enable me to apply for multiple jobs this allows for specificity.
    I just tried creating a profile and it wouldn't work for me either. I think it was because I was using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. After that, I tried using Internet Explorer and it worked. I'm not sure if you were using Firefox originally, but make sure to use IE. Hope it works out for you.

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    Just wondering, If I got a job at a nursing home or rehab facility and applied for a new grad program, is it still possible to be considered for or get into a new grad program? Also, same question but if I got a job per diem at a hospital.

    If I got a job either in subacute or per diem in a hospital and got the experience, would it be easier to get a staff nurse position in acute care? And if I had that experience for at least 6 months and applied for a staff nurse position at a hospital, would I have to apply for a staff nurse 1 position, or can I be considered a staff 2?

    Sorry if this is confusing, I'm just really stressed out about finding a job. I wanted to stick to new grad programs or staff nurse 1 positions in acute care but I'm starting to think I should also apply to nursing homes and such.

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    Quote from RN08FutureCNM
    Ten or eleven sounds good--not too early, not too late.

    Good luck!!

    I have an open house to attend in about a week, so post back and tell me how it goes (I'm assuming that you are attending one soon).
    Yup, just went to an open house today. It was packed with nurses looking for jobs! You know, I think no matter what time anyone came, it would still be packed. Anyways, not a lot of the units hired new grads but I was able to talk to one of the managers from their Ortho/Neuro unit and gave my resume. The hospital tour was pretty interesting as well. I hope you'll have good luck with the open house you are going to!

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    Hey Vivicaq, I was able to go to the Open House today. Boy was it packed!!! So many nurses trying to get jobs!

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    Thanks RN08FutureCNM. Yea I have a feeling that it means show up anytime between 9-4, just wanted to see what others thought about that. Also, I very much agree with you that the earlier the better. I definitely wouldn't plan on getting there at 3:50 pm, thinking more like 10 am or 11 am. It's just hard when the place you are traveling to is far, but anyways, thanks again for your feedback!

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    Hello all. Hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question...

    When a hospital has a Nursing Open House and they give specific times, for example, 9 am to 4 pm, does that mean you can show up anytime between the designated times? Or does it mean it you should be there at 9 am and it would end at 4 pm? Sorry, I feel like I need a little clarification on this... haha.

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    Thanks for the replies. I might be able to get a job there as a new grad nurse in the Med/surg (I got family working on it... great to have connections! ) So I guess we'll see what happens. My dad has worked for ACMC before but in dietary. He says you get great benefits with the county so that's a plus. I've read reviews about Highland and that it's the best place for trauma patients and it gets stressful there on the floors... so obviously it's making me feel a little nervous about it. That's why I wanted to hear from anyone who's worked there or have been treated there at all. So yea, thanks!