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    There are the 2 types of Ambien, I think the regular has an Ativan like effect and the CR is non-narcotic. Seems like you guys take the regular type which I wonder would be more effective?

    We were wondering though on that first night on.....what do you do? She has gotten up every morning like a soldier at 0600 even if going to bed late. I am concerned that she won't sleep at all that day and have to up all night.

    I have taken reports from NOC shift nurses that say the first night on they are up all day and night and they seemed fine. Does one really adjust and able to function like that?

    I'm so happy and proud of my sister-in-laws accomplishments, want to supportive and helpful. Thanks again.

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    My sister in law, 56 years of age just graduated and will be working 3 12 hour NOC shifts. We both on occasion use Ambien CR at bed time. She of course has many concerns regarding getting an adequate amount of rest and asked me what I think. I have never used during the day (no reason to) so I assured her I would post this question.

    Benadryl leaves her drowsy all day when taken at night.

    Anyone use the Ambien CR for day use? I have heard her mention that the OTC herbal preparations do not work. Thanks

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    I was offered the opportunity to work in Home Health. I was reading an online hospital description of the position and they mentioned 8 - 10 hours of high stress. Before I consider the offer can anyone enlighten me?

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    I live in a very small town and am afraid to mention the area, everyone knows each others business. All the desk jobs you mentioned are good potentials but there are hardly ever no openings. I was just passed up on a desk job that I would of been great at with all my clinical knowledge, that is why I think they are getting rid of me, my back issue is too risky and expensive I think. One usually has to wait for the person to retire or a mircle happens. That is why I need to move. I often see hospitals that offer education to advance one's degree. I am motivated to do just that.

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    Several months ago I injured my back but am O.K. now. The hospital put me on some bogus program where they would find me alternative RN work because the Rehab Dept. I was in (only a few months) would not accomodate me because I could not lift thier required weight. I have been on several office type jobs in the hospital but no offers because I think they are trying to dump me after many years of service. No lawyer in this small town would take my case and it is franky too late and I don't care at this point and I am broke. I hope the people that are a part of this conspiracy burn in you know what. I know it is wrong and horrible but I feel like a failure to my family that is depending on me financially and for benefits and these people at the hospital are heartless and messing with my life and livelyhood. I have made my mind up to get the sam hill out of this area, I have family in a larger city that can facilate me. I am so shaken up, I put so much trust and faith in this stup-id hospital that all I have done is waste time and my savings. My benefits have been exhausted. I have come to the conclusion with nursing there are a variety of specialties, moving allowances and bonus' which I will really need. Can anyone please help direct me in that area. My nerves are shock, I have looked around the internet and nothing is really coming up. I need something easy and up in my face at this point. I want to move to the L.A. area and like said need all the $$$ nursing can offer me. I have been nursing for about 15 years mainly in med/surg (which I am not really thrilled with) and telemetry. I would like a fresh start and wondering if hospitals are willing to train an old nurse into a new department like they do new grads? I got tricked out of getting re-certification of ACLS by the hospital, they said I would not need it because they already knew months ago I would get the boot. I am so sorry to whine but I have no where to turn and confide in.

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    I have been nursing for 2 decades and developed some back issues. I have work restrictions now as a staff bedside nurse. I have the opportunity to apply for a coding type job, I believe it is called a Clinical Documentation Specialist. Can anyone tell me exactly what this job entails and how I might interview to be considered for the position with my med/surg background mainly Thanks.

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    Thank you all for your help, input and sharing your stories.

    I did get the local phone book out and found one Workman's Comp. attorney, called and spoke to the "intake" person. I gave her a full account of shared here on this forum. She said "no red flags are noted at this time" and that she would give to the lawyer to review and he would call if something did not look right. No word as of now. My full intentions were to get an appointment for a consultation but this is the protocol.

    The employee health nurse told me that yes I can see my own doctor but at this point it is "too late." This happened in 10/2007.

    I was told I can APPEAL what I am not sure of and when I see the doctor again I certainly intend to. But in the mean time, do I become Rocky Bellboa and lift iron so I can re-take the Functional Capacity Test and lift over and beyond the requirements?

    Not knowing what to expect at this pernament/stationary appointment, if someone states no pain, numbness or tingling, can they expect to get another functional study with hopes of returning to their job with some monitoring or should someone crawl in there in hideous pain in hopes of a settlement since one will get the boot with the possible realitly of no job, no benefits etc.

    Has anybody gone to "meeting of the minds" meeting where a group of hospital people decide your destiny? Since I can not bring anyone legally to come with me (I cleared this with the intake person at the lawyers office) what if I am forced to sign documents right there and now or I may get threatened with a worse situation.

    I know this sounds yes like I need legal help NOW but as mentioned with their processing, what can I do??? Time is runnig out. A friend of mine contacted a lawyer for a different reason and the same format occured with the intake and maybe the lawyer will call if he/she sees reason to.


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    About 4 months ago I injured my back helping a pt. in Rehab transfer from bed to the commode. It all started with misinformation about her transfer. The shift report, careplan, communication board in pt's room, pt. herself all said something different but it all led to me believing she could transfer, she stood, started going down, freaking out that she would not be able to go home and I attempted to hold her up with the gait belt, not wanting her to injure herself. I had inexpierenced help in the room.

    I have been on modified duty, had PT assigned 3 X a week to "strengthen my core" basically lots of abdominal excerises and RX for pain killers. The discomfort and numbness & tingling was slow in resolving so an MRI was ordered showing that I do have herniation but in areas that are unlikely to require surgery.

    About one month ago I had a "Functional Capacity Test" that the doctor said I failed. I was only apparently able to lift 15 lbs. which I find hard to believe but I am sure PT did their job.

    The doctor (which I think is fine) is the Workman's Comp. at the hospital I work for. He said I do not meet the hospital's RN weight lifting requirements and that I am "out of shape" because of the sustained heart rate I had with the excerises that were done at the Funtional Capacity Test. I am 20 lbs. overweight, I do not excersie but I don't look much different than my co-workers. I consider myself to be very hard working and productive.

    I will be seeing the doctor in 10 days which a "pernament stationary report" will be done after hopefully examinng me one more time. I have found out this means that I am not getting any better nor will I get much worse. BUT the employee health nurse said this is a serious issue and I will probabley be let go becasue finding me RN work in the hospital will not be likely and the requirements are the same for a less patient lifting dept. like short stay etc.

    I can expect to have a "meeting of the minds" meeting with HR, some consultant etc. for my fate. I called for legal assistance and was told that they don't even have to invite me so consider myself lucky.

    I feel fine now, I love my job and WANT to return. I am terrified of losing my benefits, I have a sick family member that needs my coverage. I need my wages. I have been told that legally I can just be let go and I feel that this already has been predetermined and dooms day is just around the corner.

    Has anybody been down this road before and can offer some advise? Should I beg for a house keeping postion (I certainly can cook and clean), at this point with time ticking away, what should I be doing? Is nursing over for me, all this is so hard to believe. I wish I would of just kept my mouth shut and suffered in silence.

    I have been told that the hospital has to find me work, I have heard so many conflicting things I am confused, like said I have contacted legal help but no red flags were reported to me.

    Thanks and need your prayers. :bowingpur

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    The ending to my story. I flunked my eval and got an extention to my probation, HR was there, copies of all this will go to several people in high places, it was quite humbling. All my 2 decades of nursing skills meant nothing, everything was centered around not answering the phone, my lack of enagement, not being a team player (like mentioned I did not know I had to have a grand meeting just to use my judgement in getting the right bed for the right patient, and using the lift for the obese patient when my back had enough etc. etc.) I really do feel like a fish out of water and know when I return on Monday the microscopes will be all over me. I am glad to have a job and benefits but feel like I committed a crime and my reputation is at state. How I wish I could of known what was ahead of me before I got the job like starving animal. I wish I could somehow find another opening, but this place rules the county, it employs a high % of people. Since this is my 3rd job in one year (I left tele for endo and the oncall nights scared me right into hellish rehab), so I better cool my heels and learn those FIM scores. Thanks for all the advice, I do not have any strenght to start a fight, many challenges at home that need me. Hopefully some day soon I can be a travel nurse. I got wrote up too for floating to endo short stay because I got one call from rehab to come in and work as an aide, I could not that day so I am being made to feel guilty for doing something I like, in nursing that is a treasure. It's an easy job and keeps my IV skill level still intact. I fear losing all I have gained. But time will tell. If at the end of my felony probation I feel like the troop is not happy I will have to bail since for sure I will be terminated by the dept. or the entire healthcare system can prevent me from staying there. "Smiles everyone, smiles!"

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    Pray for me at 1500 PST. Big guns from HR will be there. My manager and I had a brief meeting before the big one today (which is suppose to be annual evaluations for everyone but my orientation is 30 days away) and she went over some of the feedback and complaints about me. Nothing is major, I have done no injury or harm to no one. I think my attitude about being a Rehab Nurse sours me the most. But if I get fired (I have NEVER been fired) what on earth do I do? If I resign than I get no unemployment. Its not like I could just turn to the next mega hospital and find a job in tele in 20 minutes. In a small community your reputation means much. I am at a lost and feel like I am going in to find out if my tumor results are benign or maligant, leaning on the bad side. Should I allow her to terminate me, how do I apply for another job? Are there different types of being fired? I am so afraid. I like the dept. but honestly with no lift team, no equipment (Rehab is an entire enchilada of its own) its just plain hard. One charge nurse demonstrated to me as her eyes bulged out of their sockets how to do a stand pivot on a dead weight 300# and sprayed her with BM, she was my model. PT rules over nursing, I got in verbal trouble becasue I choice a newer weight bed for a large obese admit, PT makes all the calls, all new to me. My boss says that maybe I need to "change schools" you know if a kid if picked on, it does not end you find another, what has nursing become espeically in small communities! Kit

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    I've been nursing for almost 2 decades, mostly med/surg and some tele. I was offered a position about 6 months in outpatient endo, it sort of came my way. I took it but the 5 days a week, on call all hours of the night and the technology just about killed me. I had a talk to my boss and we parted on good terms. The only position that was availbale to me in our small town was Rehab nursing. I really did not know much about it but took becasue I have a mortage and need the insurance for a sick husband. It's a tiny dept. and everyone knows everyone elses business. Currently a witch hunt is being done on me and I have a long list of complaints about me, QA's etc. I have always been a good nurse with a respected reputation but now I feel ganged up on and a meeting is in store where I think I will get fired. My attitude has been in question and I must confess short of being a great nurse I am concerned about the constant lifting of very heavy dead weight patients. We do have machines in storage but I already got QA'd using one on this one patient that weighted 300, CVA and had to urniate every 30 minuetes. My fear is that I know seem unstable to the other managers in the hospital about getting a med/surg or tele job back. I have even considered working nights but as much as I see the advantages my body will be shot in a few months and I can't afford to be ill again. Doe's anyone have any suggestions or hints as to how to handle this. If a beg to stay on I can't say it with an honest heart, I love the patients and feel thier pain but I am a weakling, I'm not sure where my heart is. I already took changes and look unstable, I am very embrassed. I wish I could go to abother hospital where I can start fresh but I live out in the nature's land. Help me put this in perspective. Kitten

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    I have been done ICU and med surg nursing for years and now work in a PCU. I've done 8 and 12 hour shifts, now as the trend is, doing 12's. I have been feeling frustrated and tired about the quick turn over in patients these days in our unit, the patients and family frustration etc. etc. Tired of running up and down the halls for 12 hours etc. too.

    I was not looking but the director of the endo dept. came up to me one day and offered me a position. It would be 5 days a week. Some days I'd get off early due to the list of procedures other days stay longer, way longer becasue of add on's etc.

    The part that does not settle well is taking of call one night a week and one week a month. I have never done that and am freaking out a bit.

    So can anyone tell me exactly how it is. I tried with the manager but I was a bit nervous and blown away of the offer. The answers were a little vague but I see the staff stays there for a long time and the dept is growing.

    Can you please share with me how things typically go? How does one make appointments for anything w/o knowing one's schedule? And those of you that used to work on the floors or units whatever you want to call them, are you now glad to be away and working in the endo dept? I can only imagine but need some reality therapy from those of you that are doing it? I have till Monday morning to speak my mind or the wheels will start turning, my PCU director will be told etc!

    Thanks, Kit

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    I had a chance for an interview as an RN in the Endo Dept. Small hospital but big dept. I was asked half a dozen times if I was a "gaget" person. The interviewers indicated the many gaget like equipment available and the nurse must trouble shoot frequently. Also its all computerized where the dept. I am now in is but not the charting part.

    I am excited to potentially accept this job offer but I am so so with electronics.

    What do you all think? Is a Gen X'er, nerd winner of the year the right person. I have strong nursing assessment etc. strenghts. Will I be biting off more than I can chew?

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    Good for you but don't hang up those drummer sticks. You will need a creative outlet becasue you will be entering into logical stressful stuff. It is important to have an outlet that is relaxing and soothes the soul.

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    Out here in California and the hospital I work for they adhere to ratios like in step down 3:1 and tel 4:1 on the day or night shift.

    It sounds very tempting, the unit I am in has some strong very supportive people on both shifts. They also use a hospitalist that is available too 24 hours a day, gone are the days of the family doctor, they still do come around but in very limited exceptions. There is only one during the days that represents a large internal med group that is whiney and so arogant, I'd sure like to stick a pototoe up his tail pipe!

    I am concerned though of lack of sleep. I hear of some nurses not sleeping for 24 hours on thier first night back. I read on another thread that a sleep doctor said that night workers have shorter life spans. But what about all the stress on the day shift??? What is worse, lack of sleep or all the day dynamics? It seems to me that cool, more relaxed people are drawn to the NOC shift. I used to work close to 2 decades ago, nursing has changed and I heard someone say that the day is creeping more and more into the NOC shift but I will always remember the fun we had, potlucks etc. We'd even sit around and work on hobbies etc. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh if days only knew