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    is it too late to get insurance after an incident? don't have insurance and have been called for a subpoena.

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    Agree, there is not a chance that they will put a good word out there for you if they have false info about you they will continue to do so, they're not looking out for you, that is totally unfair regardless of the motive behind pushing you to leave. Totally feel for you and cannot comprehend the mechanics behind that type of management that dispose of its employees in a visceral and senseless way. I'll say have a meeting with this person and ask straight forward what to do to keep your job and if you sense they have no interest on keeping you then give your resignation right then and there. You have the right to fire your job if you feel does not fitted you.

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    Today I experienced again the hostility and sarcasm my co workers and supervisor can give. I don't know if adressing it will be best, I am kind of weary I may get an "are you crazy? " look. Most of the time I am a happy, smiling person I am not winning, just expressing my desilusion regarding my work environment. There are many factors why some behave that way. I just find myself trying to put on a way of carrying myself at work so I can get respect. Sometimes I get results when I show firmness and a subtle "don't bother me with non sense atitude) I see the change right away but I get tired of pretending because I love to laugh I love nursing and working with people that proyect a cheerful attitude
    My coworkers smile but are too stiffed I can feel it in the air and in their comments. And most of the time I ended up as being their punching bag. It can be very stressful, maybe one day it will all be different.

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    i'm an lpn having a long list of challenges w/couple of cnas, they like to tell me what to do and argue i mean argue or give me the dumb look when told what to do. i talk to them first, if no improvement i ask another nurse to talk to them since they are more familiar with the other nurse then, if still no changes i let the supervisor know and end of story until now when this cna said "don't do that...infection" to a pt while been toileted i asked her about it, the cna ignore me twice, i let the supervisor in turn know, after work i saw them two talking so i approached them and with a smile on my face asked "what are we going to do about it" the supervisor told the cna before walking away to go home at the same time the cna said to me "what are we going to do about what" i tried not to make it a big deal and emphasize the importance of communicating everything related about the pts for which she had the nerve to say that she would not tell me anything about a pt if she considers it to be not important. now not only have something with the cna but also with the supervisor whom instead of addressing it just walked away.

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    It is very normal to loose contact w/your pals from nursing school, look at your self about to start orientation (congratulations!) and planning to be a volunteer among other goals. Your life is starting to get busy again so, yes is easy to loose communication and feel lonely after all those months together w/your classmates. Therefore, when it comes about starting new friendships in the workplace, taking it slow while maintaining a professional and friendly approach would be beneficial in the long run. Besides you have many friends here at all nurses and no strings attached.

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    [font=fixedsys]started my rounds around 12 am, i was working on my last pt at the end of the hallway and needed some assistance to lift the pt up in bed. i was about to leave the pt's bedside when a nurse in her white uniform walked in front of the room and right away i asked for her help but she continued walking w/o even stopping or looking my way. my jaw dropped in disbelief, and i decided to wait for her because she'll have to come back this same way...but she didn't. i left the pt's bedside, stepped out of the room and looked in the direction she just went to and asked myself what the heck happened with her? she could only have gone to the storage room and an empty room going under construction where only the bathroom was usable. i stared at the two closed doors at the end of the hallway for a second and opened them one by one........both were empty.

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    [font=fixedsys]input is needed for the following programs, both are taking place at wright college in chicago but i need to know the differences:
    [font=fixedsys]-lpn program
    [font=fixedsys]-carreras en salud lpn
    [font=fixedsys]thanks in advance for any replies.

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    [font=fixedsys]i used to work as receptionist at h&r block and as a cashier at wal-mart while working in the skill nursing floor. i believed i did it because of boredom, so once i realized it i looked for a job in a hospital where i could float everywhere and so far i've been doing it for more than 5 yrs and feeling good about it. would i go back to work in a non-nursing field? i think not.

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    [font=franklin gothic medium]hi there, i hope that the following info is still important. i work at the resurrection hospitals ( and according to my survey new nursing grads make $25.00 per hour and registry ( which means whenever needed) make $35.oo per hour. good luck.

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    [font=franklin gothic medium]hi everyone, this is my first time posting to this forum and glad i did because as a pre-nursing student i would like to know what hesi is since the only test i knew of is nclex. i understand that is too early to be worry but again, i never heard of hesi only of nclex. please can anyone answer my question? thanks
    [font=franklin gothic medium]ana

    [font=franklin gothic medium]ps: i'll be applying to truman

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    ok guys i got the message. and big thanks to all for your responses.

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    hi everyone, i have a question;
    my son wants to be a police officer because he wants to aprehend the "bad guys", but i believe that he should become an rn to learn compassion and emphaty.... am i wrong?

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    Quote from babylover18
    hi i am very excited to hear that everyone has received either an a or a b but i am kinda worried about taking it my first semester of freshman year. do you guys think i'm crazy for doing this or did i make the right choice?
    [font=fixedsys]freshman year of...nursing? i'm asking because couple of freshman nursing students took micro w/me and according to them it was not bad at all, but regardles of anything i believe you did right, just remember that some colleges do not accept the sciences over 5 years old. good luck!

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    [font=fixedsys]i need the following care plans for pediatrics:
    [font=fixedsys]1) failure to thrive
    [font=fixedsys]2) apnea
    [font=fixedsys]3) pneumonia

    [font=fixedsys]any input will be truly appreciated,

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    Quote from joan1199
    have you heard of the dead woman they found in the lake? t"he autoopsy showed she was a nurse.

    "how did the autopsy showed she was a nurse"

    he stomach was empty,her bladder was full, and her ass was half chewed off.
    [font=fixedsys] i couldn't find one smiley to describe my reaction to this. i screamed, laughed, and cried all at the same time. it is absolutely wrong and funny but true!(your posting, not my reaction)