Not allowed to SIT during 12 hour shift and MORE

  1. I have had it.

    On the premise that we must get our scores up, we are now given assigned charting times, one time per shift , must chart in a break room (this never works because our assigned charting times are when our patients are needing help, getting new admits, others are at lunch, etc.). We are not allowed to sit down to chart at the station at any time. We are told to "Get up and get moving" if we do sit down and chart. If we are sitting, we are told that it is "percieved" that we are not doing anything. So we are totally on our feet for 12 hours and then end up staying over to chart. We are not allowed to manage our own time and chart when we have the opportunity to. If another nurse, lab tech, or RT or someone stops and communicates with us about our pt. at the nurses station, we are told to get moving, we are being "percieved" as not doing anything. I am fed up with not being allowed to do my job. The last few days would have been really good days at work. But this situation ruined them. I am so angry and frustrated. I have already turned in my notice and others will soon follow. They will be losing good nurses. No efforts to communicate the level of stress that these rules are adding to the job are listened to. So, "percieve this"...I am outa here.

    And if my next job is like this, I will be gone from there too! I WILL NOT be treated like a child any longer. I am an educated professional and I take great care of my patients. I am done with the scripts, being told when to sit or stand, and all the other garbage that does not help patients or employees. And I mean, DONE.

    Had to vent.
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  3. by   Blindsided
    I am sick after reading this post, that's all I can say. I am sorry we're being pushed to this point. So sorry for you and your co-workers. I won't even touch the patient satisfaction score thing. Keep us posted! For now, take a breath and're currently receiving a big hug
  4. by   gwendelyn
    Write to your state nursing board and encourage others to do the same. This is flat wrong. The people running your hospital should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. by   nursel56
    It makes me just sick to hear it, too. Sick, and angry. I'm already hearing stories about nurse managers taking the side of patients who, for example do not want to ambulate after surgery or stay on a diet restriction. Why? Poor scores. A vicious circle is really starting to wind around. I do so hope you are hired by a place that values you, katieusa.
  6. by   katieusa
    Thanks for your comments and online hugs . It never occurred to me to write the board of nursing. Good idea. I have 2 more days to work and will make the best of them.
  7. by   tewdles
    This is just silly...sounds like ineffective management.
  8. by   doubleplay
    Good for you!!! The hospital doesn't care about you so you did the right thing and told them what they could do with that kind of job. I don't know what it is going to take for these hospitals to give a dang!!!
  9. by   noreenl
    Much love and hugs to you and your fellow inmates!:smackingf:flmngmd::redlight:
  10. by   Blindsided
    My husband thought of a new name for this current non-sitting trend..."Scared Sitless." OP, have others resigned too? I'm sure there are many who just can't leave because of this economy.
  11. by   NJNursing
    Is there an actually WRITTEN policy on this? If not, then they can't really enforce diddly squat. Until it's written, it's not law and if you're tired and feet/legs hurt, then how are you giving good patient care? That is the stupidest thing I've even heard. Next they'll want you to hover to pee or else you'd be sitting.
  12. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Seems like it would be better time management for you to chart when you have time. I chart when I do it, not when I am told I am allowed it. It could be a safety issue if are made to wait to chart until your designated time...what if you forgot to chart something because it happened 2 hours ago and you have 5 patients to chart in that designated time. Do you need a hall pass to take a **** too?
  13. by   brimama
    how in the world can they validate this? administration has issues. what state is this?
  14. by   noreenl
    I would love to know what is going on with this! KatieUSA what happened!!!