Med/Surg RN, need ACLS?

  1. Thinking about ACLS, but not sure if it would just be a waste of my money. Is it going to increase my pay/worth? Otherwise I could just recert in CPR ...
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  3. by   qcc2011grad
    It is going to increase you knowledge worth. ACLS will also help you feel more confident especially during a code whether your part of a code team or not imo knowing what is going on is a must.
    I am ACLS certified and studying towards my PALS certification which I am certifying this Sunday. Mind you I paid out of pocket my hospital didn't give me a penny, but for me the knowledge is worth every penny.

    If you do decide to get your ACLS certification there is a website that I used. The site is hosted by two U.S NAVY RN OFFICERS who are critical care , ICU and the price is very reasonable like $8 for a few weeks. The site has all the meds you need to know , megacode simulators , excellent site. up to date with the latest aha acls algorithms.

    good luck in what ever you decide.
  4. by   Creamsoda
    For anyone working in a hospital setting, even if you dont work with tele/ICU patients, ACLS is valuable to help you increase your knowledge. It makes it easier to really know what to do/expect when the code team comes. With more education and practice, you act more effectively in a real life situation. So yes do it.
  5. by   qcc2011grad
    I'm going to post the link even if you are undecided it may come in handy for someone that is considering acls certification.

    this is an example of a megacode

    ACLS Megacode Series (Non-member Preview) ACLS Algorithms

    p.s the site also offers some information even if you do not become a member .

    this is the official aha acls video that is posted on youtube.

    AHA ACLS 2010 ECC (Interim Video) Video 1 of 2 - YouTube
  6. by   FLmomof5
    My hospital paid for our ACLS training. In Med/Surg you get all kinds of patients including ones on tele. You need to know what to do when a pt crashes.

    No. It does not increase your pay. It does increase your desirability in hiring though!
  7. by   nurseclairebear
    i'm convinced!!! so I can do it online? even better!
  8. by   subee
    You can't take the megacode test online...only preparing for it. ACLS certification can only come from AHA. You'll learn a lot!
  9. by   qcc2011grad
    You can prepare, study reinforce ACLS content online, but in order to get certified you must complete the skill component(Megacode) with an approved aha acls provider and pass a written examination.
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  10. by   ainster
    ACLS test are quite tougher now compared before, they only give a 25 items of test, now you have to pass the 50 item test and if you don't they'll ask you to remidiate. A guy I know in youtube that is bookish that gives free online review on his acls videos. ACLS Review AHA - YouTube
  11. by   tokmom
    It used to be mandatory for our med/surg floor, but the bean counters no longer wanted to pay for it, instead wanted us to pay for it out of our own pocket. Umm, sorry. Two days off for the class AND pay for it? Not gonna happen. I let mine lapse. I couldn't afford to take the days off and pay for the class.

    You learn so much with ACLS. Every nurse should be mandated to take it.
  12. by   classicdame
    hospitals in my area are requiring ACLS of all nurses doing direct adult patient care (PALS for pedi of course). You will never need it as long as your patient never codes.

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