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  1. I have so many reports to write and so many research papers to do on top of my many careplans I have to write....Does anyone know of a website where I can just get the facts. I only have 2 semesters left and I don't have time to "surf" the web. There will be times that I will see my patient on thursday and the careplans, reports, process recordings, and evaluations will be due by 8am the next morning.......and I also have a class that morning also. I don't want any shortcuts....just some reliable sites that will help me learn and complete my assignments. Any help?? I am feeling overwhelmed. But that is expected. Failure is not an option!
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    What do you need the info on??
  4. by   2semesterleftRN
    Every system of the body and diseases of the body.
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    and the rest you will hafta do for yourself..loll.
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    Thank you!
    I was meaning I have to do research reports on the diseases in the different systems of the body. I am now in Med-Surg class. So when we have a patient with a disease or 20, we have to do research on that disease, treatments, nursing interventions, nursing diagnoses....etc. and I was looking for help on a site that will help. Surfing the web takes a long time. I was hoping that some of you with a lot of experience and willing to help....could help me with this problem. Thank you
  7. by   delirium
    I also have 2 semesters left, and I know what you mean, although I'm a huge procrastinator and don't study as much as I should.

    I generally rely on books more than on the web. I have a couple of care planning books, and a pathophys book is really good for a med/surg rotation.

    If you're looking specifically for a website, I probably can't help you. I could tell you which books I use though, because most of them have a corresponding site.
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    Books sound fine. My instructor just happen to say that he wanted them from internet or nursing journal sources. Thank you!
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    Thank you very much. I have now passed that class with a B. yeay!!!!
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    Ever go to Merck Manual.com! It is a book, but, it is also a Web site!!! Sorta gets around the guidelines. As far as short cut books to study, Lippincot manual of practical nursing cuts the chase. I just graduated RN and use this tool extensively. Use it for the knowledge, then find a website to support. Do a search on the disease process and walla its done!!!! Also, collaboration with class members help. Share research, knowledge is knowledge. Info is info!!! Get websites for particular diseases and share with each other. Don't copy, but collaborate.
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    I use books. renerian