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Does any one have study questions for the medical surgical nursing text by Lewis? I am looking for the ones for each chapter that come with the rationale- They are the publishers questions. I don't really care what edition, I think currently everyone's using 7 or 8th Ed.

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ELSEVIER/EVOLVE sells them for about $30, just google it.


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If you create an evolve account, you can download the "resources" for the book for free. It has questions, case studies, practice activities, etc. I used it often.

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If you have purchased the book use the code in the book to gain access for the resources. If you have not it is illegal to share them.


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I have the book, I've just seen people use other ones that I can't seem to find on my evolve account, maybe I'll keep searching thanks

I wonder if they have the test bank questions?

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It's a separate book... med surg study guide. Check your college library, they might have it. Mine did


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It's actually a paperback companion workbook that I got at the same time as the textbook. Check, they aren't that expensive. Hint: I stopped going to "the college bookstore" a long time ago - too expensive. Nobody should have to pay $100+ for a textbook that will change editions in a couple of years anyway. I always check Amazon first and will get Kindle versions of my books.


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Yeah the college book stores are ridiculously over priced! I wish mine came with the study guide or test bank would have made my life way easier. These chapters take so long to read!

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Does Lewis still offer the downloadable mp3 format of chapter highlights? I had my burned to CDs and listened to them in the car for hours!!!! Another awesome way to study. They were on the evolve website


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I got the latest 10th edition test bank from Sweet Grades Test Banks - Sweet Grades and it seems pretty good so far.

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