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Does anyone know, or know of anyone who's gone to medical school after becomming a NP? DO or MD?

What was their speciality that they saught after medical school?

What are your thoughts on the whole matter?

Although I absolutely LOVE being a NP, lately medical school has been comming to mind. My wife and I will likely move from our small town to a much larger city and this will greatly restrict my practice as a NP. Very unlikely I could do Family Medicine and have admitting privilages or do anything in the hospital, unless I was an employee of the hospital and did ONLY hospital work.

The doc I work with has also spoken of making the move to the larger city and has pondered the idea of doing another residency in a more specialized field. Frankly, if I DID go back to medical school, I would probably residency in Ob/Gyn. I would also ONLY consider a DO program.

The biggest problem I have with advancing is it would seem like I am abdoning everything I am about. I have faught so hard to advance Np's in my area and based alot of my arguments on the fact that NP's are just a trained and knowledage as a physician. Then, there's the whole idea that I could be a stronger advocate for NP's as a "Doctor". Confusing isn't it? :D

Please don't take this as anything negative towards NPs. I am, and always will be a NP. It's just that in the end... I wonder if I might could be more. (And I'm not sure that being more, would be a good thing... this is just something that is crossing my mind).

You comments are greatly appreciated!

Dave, future DO ? (doesn't that just sound weird :confused: )


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Well, as an M.D., you could hire or be an advocate for NP!


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IF I DID go to medical school, my office would be full of NP's. Any physician that ever worked with me would HAVE to be very accepting of NP's.


I say go for it. My fiance is in DO school and he really likes the whole holistic aspect that DO's have. But, are you willing to sacrifice everything for med school? Four more years of school, a long residency working long hours and not making a whole lot of money.... it is a HUGE committment. But I totally understand your point about wanting the greater autonomy, responsibility, and opportunities as a physician. Is med school financially feasible for you at this time? My fiance has several former nurses and NP's in his class-- he says they all seem to do really well in med school.


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As far as going back, the only issue would be time.

Not working for the next few years or the cost of the program isn't an issue. That I can take care of.

I just can't buy more time.


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You sound like an awesome NP...and I don't doubt that you'd be an awesome DO. I understand your desire not to turn your back on the NP profession....but the way I see it is that becoming a DO will not invalidate your NP background at all. Growing & developing & adding to your bag of tricks never erases what came before- know what I mean? It's all cumulative, and your NP background would inform your DO practice.

Our profession needs strong advocacy from the medical side as much as it does from the nursing end of things...maybe even more. MDs and DOs who respect, support, promote & choose to work with NPs give the NP profession more clout- that's just reality. The more support we get from medicine, the better, IMO.

I think the most important thing to do is go deep inside yourself and try to determine what your heart & gut are telling you about this. You already have some big potential problems out of the way --$$ isn't an issue, wondering whether or not you can actually handle the academics etc. isn't truly an issue (I'm sure you can), and it sounds like your spouse would be supportive- and you don't have kids, am I correct?- so really, you don't have major family issues either. And it sounds as if you have freedom to relocate. Your path to becoming a DO would be very challenging no doubt--but it seems you don't have a lot of barriers standing in your way or big hurdles to jump in order to accomplish this goal.

I am not sure I understand your concerns about time- I thought you were quite young- did I get that wrong? are you really a crotchety old geezer?? :p

Bottom line: I truly believe in living life to the fullest--and I really believe in making choices that will not cause you to live with regret down the line. So try to quiet your head for a while & picture your how your life would FEEL to you if you take path #1 (Continue as an NP) or path #2 (get your DO). I think your answer will make itself known.

PS- why OB/GYN?


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I would recommend against's why...

numerous years of school and residency is #1...

secondly - i don't know about where you live...but where i live nearly 1/2 of all the ob-gyns have changed to gyn only due to malpractice may be better off staying an NP specializing in ob-gyn or a midwife....:)

good luck w/ your decision


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If becoming a doctor will allow you to further your practice and give you more job satisfaction then do it! you can be an advocate for NP's and fight for us in any role. Just be sure its what you want to do.. because I think it would be a lot of hard work.. and I know that I could not put myself or my children through it!!

whatever you decide.. good luck!



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Reach for the stars!! As an MD or NP, I am sure you will continue to be a superb pt advocate ... as well as a nursing advocate!

Best of luck to you in whatever your decision is. :)


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interesting... MD terminator wants to be a doctor... hmmm? time to change your handle perhaps?

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Bottom line: I truly believe in living life to the fullest--and I really believe in making choices that will not cause you to live with regret down the line. So try to quiet your head for a while & picture your how your life would FEEL to you if you take path #1 (Continue as an NP) or path #2 (get your DO). I think your answer will make itself known.

Couldn't agree more. Words taken right out of my head. Thank you. :)

Along with "NVR2LATE"

Dave.. do what feels right in your own head and heart. If it's something which will FULFILL and open doors to giving more of yourself ... and being able to do more for those in your care... if it is or HAS BEEN pulling on your heartstrings, then by all means, pay attention to the call.

We know you well enough by now to know that this would not be about "YOU" or the "TITLE"... but rather about your patients, and what you still have to give. And yes, we sure could use more docs advocating for nurses/NPs !!! :D

Do what feels RIGHT. We'll continue to love you whichever way you go !:kiss


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If you feel like this is something you must do to fufill your dreams then by all means do it. You will feel like something is missing if you don't. But if it is not a compelling desire then I would suggest you forgo this. You have 2 small children and they will be needing a lot of time and attention. Do you really want to put in those long hours and miss out on being with them as much as you can?

So the question will be how bad do you want it. If the sacrifices are worth it then go for it. But there will be sacrifices and you can't get back those precious moments with your children. Best of luck in whatever decision you make.

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