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I am an RN who recently started working in a neurosurgery clinic about 5 months ago and I am dealing with a lot of workplace drama. I transitioned from the NeuroICU to the clinic world after I got burned out in the ICU. I didn't really know what to expect working as an RN in a clinic, but I thought it would be a good change for me. As soon as I started, I started having issues with the medical assistants working there. The practice consists of 4 neurosurgeons and each one has an assigned medical assistant who basically places orders, rooms patients, orders medications, fills out FMLA, and even triage patients. When I was hired, I was told I would mainly be triaging patients over the phone, and in the future providing education to the patients regarding their upcoming surgeries. As soon as I started, the medical assistants started feeling threatened by me, felt I wasn't doing as much work as they were, and started to complain about every little thing I did. Currently, I am dealing with one particular MA who is constantly creating drama, gossiping, and always observing my every move in order to complain about me to her assigned doctor. I believe she feels she can do my job because she has worked with the doctor for 8 years, and feels she has enough experience as an MA to compare herself to an RN. She questions my clinical judgment, even though I have more critical care experience and knowledge as an RN. The clinic manager does nothing even after several people have complained about her because the doctor defends her and protects her. I don't know what to do, I know I want to leave this toxic environment, and I have been offered a full-time job in another ICU but I am currently 5months pregnant and honestly I know how stressful and physically demanding the ICU is which is why I feel like I should stay here until I have my baby. What should I do? Should I take the ICU job or stay in this clinic job until I deliver?


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We don’t know how tired you really are. Going to the ICU now will be difficult with the pregnancy but so will staying in a toxic environment. Go with your own judgement on which would be better for you and the baby.

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Have you met with the docs?


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I have talked to one of whom I work closely with and he is pretty much aware she creates drama but also knows her doctor defends her. They are all equal partners so what each one wants, each one gets. The consensus is everyone knows she is the problem but no one does anything because they know the Doctor defends her. I honestly feel like just waiting a few more months, delivering my baby then leaving.


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I like to think that knowing all the policies is hugely beneficial when dealing with problems at work.

How did you find out this one particular MA was complaining about you? Did the manager talk to you about it? If you follow the policies you should be ok, but what about the MA? I take it the MA's are employed by the clinic and not employed by the particular physician they are working with.

Maybe it is time for some task reassignments. Can you make recommendations that would separate this MA from the work you do? Give her more work! LOL, she won't have time to complain or gossip then. If you can gain some influence over this "opinion leader" then you can manage the rest. Starting a new job is hard and going back to face burnout is hard too. It is a tough situation, if it were me I would probably stay and try to work things out. Dang what a spot to be in. Wishing you the best!


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I am in a similar situation. I am supposed to be running the clinic and there is a lack of respect from the medical assistants. I think you should talk to her with management present and give examples of how she is not being a team player. Let us know what you decide.

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I would stay until the baby is born (congrats by the way) and then look elsewhere. You can def go back to the ICU or maybe find you a good outpatient surgery center in your area. Either way.. doesn’t sound like place is healthy for the long haul


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Well then, this answers my question...workplace bullying does happen everywhere. I am so sorry this is happening to you, and I have no answers except to...RUN! But you are pregnant, and congratulations and all. Have you ever thought of documenting everything and going to lawyer to write a letter on your behalf, especially that you are pregnant and it is can be stressful and at least scare the perp into leaving you alone until you decide what you want to do?


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I would stick it out until after delivery, upon return - do you like this job other than this one person? if so I would take it up with management again and demand something be done to correct the toxic environment.