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  1. Medical office-Drama

    I have talked to one of whom I work closely with and he is pretty much aware she creates drama but also knows her doctor defends her. They are all equal partners so what each one wants, each one gets. The consensus is everyone knows she is the proble...
  2. Medical office-Drama

    Hello, I am an RN who recently started working in a neurosurgery clinic about 5 months ago and I am dealing with a lot of workplace drama. I transitioned from the NeuroICU to the clinic world after I got burned out in the ICU. I didn't really know wh...
  3. Dell Seton- Austin TX

    Hi @emmie0624, do you have any updates on the atmosphere, pay, and EMR? I am planning to move to Austin as well and I'm looking into this hospital. Thank you!
  4. UTHSC Nursing Spring 2016

    Does anyone know if we are allowed a calculator for the Hesi Exam? How easy was the Math section, critical thinking, and A&P. Thank You,