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I am seeking guidance and input; I will either have a choice of med/surg with maternity class or med/surg with pediatrics or med/surg by itself. My dilemma is which is the better course to take med/surg with. Any input or suggestion will be most appreciated. I heard that maternity is a course that I should do after med/surg and not at the same time. By the time I start Med Surg, I have completed Foundations, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Community Nursing, Health Assessment, Nursing Informatics.

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Have you taken time to sit down with your academic advisor to discuss this? Each school's curriculum is going to be individualized, so talking to someone familiar with your school's courses would be best. I would also make sure that you aren't required to take these courses in a certain order- my school required completion of med/surg before moving on to the combined peds/OB course.


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Does your program have a list of courses and their prereqs that are recommended? Have you spoken to your peers who have already completed this portion?

I have not heard of such options before. I also had to take med surg 1 then med surg 2 and following that I took pediatrics and maternity together. Med surg is a different kind of park compared to OB, they don't really go hand in hand. It would be a better combo to do Peds and maternity than med surg with one or another.


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Thanks RoseQueen. My school is an advanced track program and there was a last minute change with the med surg course that got cancelled. The advisor accommodated my class in the Community Health Course. In two weeks, I will be given the new schedule and usually it is not flexible. I was told by the advisor that I will have Med Surg with either Pediatrics or Maternity. Then, for the next semester, I will have the class of Ped or Maternity that I did not take along with mental health.


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Thanks Dorkypanda, usually they put together maternity with pediatrics. Unfortunately and due to the change, I will have to take med surg with either one-maternity and pediatrics. I agree on your comment about med surg.

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I did all 3 in 1 semester in my program it was crazy. Adults ms2, peds and maternal child [emoji15].


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I did med surg 1, maternity, and mental health all together. Then I had med surg 2, peds, and community together the next semester. It flowed well with my program to have peds with med surg 2 due to the fast nature of my program and some of the same topics were discussed in both classes. Good luck! It sounds like there is no real right or wrong answer, at least that any of us can give you not knowing how things flow with your program.