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Anyone have any suggestions on the best place to get med cards? Are they all basically the same or do they differ? I had some someone gave me but they are six years old and I can't use them.




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I don't have any help, but if you don't get any feedback here you can see if they are for sale at if so they'll probably have reviews and samples to view.


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I have the Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards and they are good. Not all drugs have a card, so you will still need a drug book for the more unusual medications. I got mine at Barnes & Noble.

I made my own. It helped me learn about the meds, it was really cheap, and I didn't have to worry about losing any--I could make more if I needed to!

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Davis Drug Guide is real good. It is a med book that has a with it. From this cd you can print off your own med cards. You can even customize them to a specific patient. Our nursing instructors recommended it. REAL great!!!


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Hello, everyone

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i'm just wondering how often we need to update the med cards? I belong to a book club, and right now they are offering the med cards/box at 1/2 price! is it because a new one will be out soon? how often does the information change?


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