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What do you think about nurses being meds aids in LTC?...


IMHO I wish you'd rethink it and go for Nursing.

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I'm confused... isn't the scope and pay of a med aid much lower than that of a nurse? Unless you're having a hard time finding a job and just want to get your foot in the door, why would you want to work as a med aid?

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I'm a little confused by your post. Are you referring to Med Aides being used as nurses? Because I can see no reason why a nurse would be labeled a med aide. I have worked in facilities where med aides were used on units to pass the pills, but there was always at least one nurse to be in charge over both units. Not a very satisfactory situation, undoubtedly, but sometimes we used one nurse to pass meds and another to be charge nurse and do treatments. Is that what you are referring to? It is a pretty good plan in that instance.

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yes,NURSEARTIST, sorry for the confusion...i'll be a nurse doing med pass...

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Passing meds does take a large portion of my day in LTC but I have many more responsibilities.You may want to clarify exactly what your job description will be.

where I work, you may be on the medication cart, or you may be on the licensed cart, we take turns. Is that maybe what you mean?

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