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I was looking for some useful information on continuing education for MDS Nurses. I am looking to promote some RNs into an MDS Coordinator role within long term care facilities and hopw to get some... Read More

  1. by   Nursie_34LPN
    Quote from MDSlady
    We have one sub-acute unit with 30 beds on it. They are mostly all PPS however we do have private pay people who like this rehab wing there. So on the average 30 PPS.

    The hardest time I have is with "repeat offenders" who come in and out of the facility numerous times. I had one resident on Med A who went in and out 4 times!!!!! That was 4 5d Assessments /c RAPS that I had to do!!!!!
    I call them my frequent flyers lol
    but why do you have to do raps each time?
  2. by   Pepper The Cat
    I just started doing the co-ordinating job for MDS/FIM (replaceing someone who is replaceing someone who is replaceing someone who is replaceing someone who just had a baby! ) Anyway - this is what I have been doing. At the start of each month, I send out a message saying who needs their MDS done that month, what type - quarterly or full - and when it is due. I then check in about once a week and send out reminder message if nec. Seems to be working so far, but I've only been doing this since Jan! Also - we are all computerized so it make checking things really easy.
  3. by   jaimemds
    I started my own MDS QA which I turned in at the monthly QA meeting. At my facility we go around to each department and bring up any problems. So I would rattle off, Activities was late on 19 out 0f 20 ax's this month. SS late 15 times, etc. After a couple of months being called out in front of the Adm and DON, they were perfect angels!
  4. by   JPR12
    We use a company that comes in and does training and auditing of all our mds charts.
  5. by   JPR12
    We used Harmony Healthcare.

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