Getting started as MDS nurse - page 4, novice, to this site..old nurse...need advice: Just been offered a job to start as MDS nurse ..have never been exposed to even the source for training materials on this...Have had TILE... Read More

  1. by   juniemoon99
    Thank you so much for the reply as it is old.....I am still very interested in doing MDS..I have worked in LTC for 10 years..have completed the Restorative section of MDS when I was Restorative nurse. I have taught the entire staff about using the Kiosk to enter their data for the MDS. I have sat in on the weekly meetings to discuss the data that would be used for the I am very familiar with the system. The big problem one is hiring in my area, or the ones that are I would not set foot into. Probably the most challenging issue is everyone who needs a MDS nurse wants at least 2-3 years experience. So, you can see my frustration. Again, thank you for the response :wink2:
  2. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Is there a normal/reasonable case load for FT? I am interviewing TOMORROW for a similar position, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have been wanting to do this for about 5 years but they've always required experience.
    As an experienced lpn, i have been getting sick too often, and even a stroke, i would like to know the certificates as an lpn i could acquire, medical coding, mds coordinator, wound care, that i know of would have been less stressfull, i am willing to learn. I live in florida state, in the south.
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    i am a lpn with 3 yrs mds experience, i just became certified, and now am the case manager for in the building i work, actually i am the only lpn casemanager in the company, i do the job well and even better than some of the rn casemanagers i just don't get paid for it, i am now in school for my rn, but anyone can do mds but you just have to be very organised and pay attention to details to do the job, also you don't start out knowing everything, you learn new things everyday, and always refer back to the rai manual, it should be your bible to mds always have it in you position, you cannot go wrong with it, and my pay is 24.00/hr and about to get a raise for being certified.

    where did you get certified, 3 days seminar or online? I don't mind the cost, i'm an lpn experienced of 7 years, i'd like to try mds.
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  6. by   Lizzyp58
    Hve been using my own interview form for the interview for my MDS. Any one have a simple form? the one I'm using is cumbersome and would like to streamline.
  7. by   jodysgirl1
    Lizzy...u need to use the CMS approved one...
  8. by   jlynn2303
    So what does a 'typical' day look like for an mds nurse? Is it all desk work, or a mix of desk and patient interaction?

    Thanks - I am curious. Someone began talking to me about the other day, and it sounds like it might be interesting.
  9. by   pj0928
    Hello! I'm new to the site. I would like to be certified as an LPN. I'm in Orange County, CA. Debating between AANAC and NRAI. Any suggestions?Thank you!
  10. by   woundnurse1
    i have just read through all the posts/threads about mds coordinator info... i have no experience in mds but have the oppurtunity to assume an mds coordinator position...have made a few notes but could use any other convinced i need to find the rai manual..any other info on free training appreciated..will be getting inhouse training from corporate ..we'll see how it goes
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    Aspirin, you're gonna need some. Oh, tough skin too.
  12. by   super et
    When a PPS 14 day assessment is completed on day 15 with a RUG level higher than day 8 (day 8= RHB and day 15 =RUB), is it correct to say the 14 day RUG payment will only take effect for the payment block of days 15 thru 30 or will it change the payment of the 5 day with the payment block of day 1 thru 14?
  13. by   NurseMellie
    Yes, it the 14day pays for days 15-30 of the day. There are graphs in the MDS manual that show what assessments pay for which days of the stay.