Getting started as MDS nurse - page 3, novice, to this site..old nurse...need advice: Just been offered a job to start as MDS nurse ..have never been exposed to even the source for training materials on this...Have had TILE... Read More

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    Quote from BRemus
    I did take the 3 day training course but I had been working for 9 months and had some knowledge before I took the course I think that if I would have taken the course first i would have been extremely overwhelmed as it is a lot to learn.
    I agree, while I have not taken the course, I believe it would prove ver beneficial...once you have had a little time to work through things on your own. Waiting 6-9 months after you start the position as an MDS coordinator will give you time to learn the basic concepts and terminiology you will need to make the 3 - day course truly valuable to you.
  2. by   thenurse2006
    Hi there fellow nurses, I am interested about MDS and I read some threads here but I still could not understand some stuff...I wish someone could give me the meaning of the ff...
    MDS2.0 or 3.0
    Thanks so much! It would help a lot
  3. by   chocolate123
    Help! I'm a RN at a long term facility and I was asked to write MDS notes on my residents. What is MDS notes? Someone was telling me it is like write nurses notes, but you look at the care plan and write on each of the care plan. Is this right? Please advise.
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    I am a lpn with 3 yrs mds experience, I just became certified, and now am the case manager for in the building i work, actually I am the only lpn casemanager in the company, I do the job well and even better than some of the RN casemanagers I just don't get paid for it, I am now in school for my RN, but anyone can do mds but you just have to be very organised and pay attention to details to do the job, also you don't start out knowing everything, you learn new things everyday, and always refer back to the rai manual, it should be your bible to mds always have it in you position, you cannot go wrong with it, and my pay is 24.00/hr and about to get a raise for being certified.
  5. by   parislpn
    A RN has to sign the Mds, signing it only certifies that it is completed, not that it is accurate, each person completing a section has to attest to the accuracy of the section they complete, by signing their name and the section they complete.
  6. by   parislpn
    A mds note is a nurse's note about the resident to support the mds coding, for eg. pain, behavors, ADL's anything that happen within the last 7days/30 days leading up to the assessment reference date (ARD) that they would be able to capture on the mds to get money back
  7. by   juniemoon99
    :typing Hi! I am new to the area (middle Georgia) and I am looking for seminars for the MDS/PPS etc.. process in hopes of landing a position as MDS nurse-coordinator etc.. I have 10 years in LTC and would like to take a stab at this. Anyone have any knowledge of workshops coming up in the near future?
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    Quote from juniemoon99
    :typing hi! i am new to the area (middle georgia) and i am looking for seminars for the mds/pps etc.. process in hopes of landing a position as mds nurse-coordinator etc.. i have 10 years in ltc and would like to take a stab at this. anyone have any knowledge of workshops coming up in the near future?
    aanac has one in atlanta in september --

    nrai has one in tn and in fl in october --

    just a heads up... these are expensive courses of the already outgoing mds 2.0.
    mds 3.0 begins in october ’09 which will likely compel a new course and training from these organizations.

    you can get some insight of the mds 2.0 here ... (click yes to security prompt) and a free online training here -- (simple registration required).

    just an opinion .. if you're already in ltc, hook-up w/ the current mds coordinator and learn the basics. hands-on training is the best learning foundation. then go for the workshops when you've learned the fundamentals. good luck!
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    Does anyone know about MMQ's ~ Is there a manual or courses for this area ? Any information would be helpful and appreciated !
  10. by   Carrie162
    I am also in Massachusetts and familiar with MMQ's. There is a manual; it can be downloaded from the website. Look up instructions to complete the mmq. There are also courses; look on the mass extended care federation website; they usually have mmq related courses every 6 months or so. Also, Larsen Allen (formerly Landa & Altshier) in Randolph has some good educational opportunities. The MMQ is less complicated than the MDS; fewer questions, but on-site audits are completed by nurse reviewers that encompasses all documentation, so there is a big potential for recoupment if you are not on your toes. Good luck!
  11. by   MaritesaRN
    Quote from Carrie162
    I have been an MDS/PPS coordinator for two years. I would ask, before you accept the position, what kind of training will you receive? Especially considering you are new to MDS. I would ask, are you responsible for LTC assessments, such as the quarterly and comprehensive assessments, or are you also responsible for the PPS assessments, the 5day, 14-day, 30-day etc? How many beds in the facility? IF it is a large facility and you do both LTC and Medicare/PPS, that is a lot of work. Do the floor nurses and unit managers participate in any sections of the long term care MDS? Who is your resource person if you have questions? And does this facility have a good survey history with MDS or are you going to be responsible to clean up if there have been scheduling problems?

    Very good points there...... Yes some of this owners wants to pay only one for a two position....this makes it an impossible task. Like everything else it is nice where you are getting into, then make the decision. Good luck!
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    what is a tile class?
  13. by   iheartangelinajolie
    Personally I don't think any of the classes will help because you need to expose yourself to the assessments and learn through trial and error. I was supposed to attend the certification class but I had to go out of town for a wedding. I have been in MDS for 6 months now and I think you should memorize the sections of the assessments so that it is easier for you to understand what type of information you will be looking for. I hope that helped?