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MDC Spring 2010


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I wrote back to your PM. I tried sending it multiple times and it said I had no sent messages, so either you have like 5 copies of it or none at all. Let me know :-)

I'll let you know how it goes on Thursday! Good luck to everyone


Got em and replied back twice cause I wanted to add something that I did not mention in 1st pm.

I received a call from Baptist as well, my interview will be on the 8th! I am anxious and excited at the same time. Good luck to everyone and let us know how you all do.


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Thanks! I'm really excited for tomorrow!

MDCupCakes...I am part of that baptist scholar as well...Interview very soon. They should have called already!



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Hey Tony,

Good luck to you. Hope it goes well!


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Ok the whole message I just typed up just got deleted, rawr. So, I had my interview today for the Baptist Scholarship. It truly was not my best performance as far as interviewing goes, I usually excel in the interview setting, but I think today was an exception. I wasn't even nervous, but I arrived 2 hours early, and all that sitting around ended up making me nervous. The panel was made up of 4 people, who were all very nice. They mostly asked me situational questions about past work experience. I really wish everyone the best of luck. Try to relax beforehand, and be confident in yourself. Let us know how it turns out. ( I really hope that I'm imagining it went worse than it actually did). Everyone please do not be discouraged by my post, today just wasn't my day. Good luck everyone, I hope we all get it.


Well, just got back from the interview. And as everyone has mentioned they were very nice. All, job and school related questions. I second MDCupcake and hope we all get in.

I have to admit that place was beautiful. Lucky for those that get the opportunity to got to school and work there.

I wish us all good the best, for hopefully we could all meet up there.


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I totally forgot to mention how beautiful it is!!! Its gorgeous! :-)

Did you say that Baptist is beautiful? Question, did they saw all of our classes would be held there should we get the scholar?


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FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT!! LOL thank you Prospective! we needed a new thread :yeah:

IM IN and once again congratulation to all who made it! I already registered for the generic full time option at the Homestead campus.. no books yet.. im waiting for our orientation.. how about you Prospective?

Great campus and Great Professors! Enjoy your holidays and rest a lot now.

Good luck.

Hey i just realized my post did not makes sense. The question was other than if the hospital was beautiful, are the classes held at the hospital or do we still have to go to Medical Campus for classes?

Hello All,

I just wanted to ask for a favor and if you had an interview with Baptist please let us know when you receive any notice from Baptist..I'm anxiously waiting! Thanks in advance

i was told they wont have an answer til all the interviews are done. My interview is Friday of next week.

I had my interview this past Tuesday. It went well I believe. I was super nervous before going in but once the first few words came out, everything was ok ! They ladies were very nice and relaxed. They told me we wouldn't be hearing a response for 10-15 days. So we'll all be anxiously waiting and hopefully to get a nice ACCEPTANCE around the holidays! Good luck to everyone and keep us all posted!!

I really hope we get in .. but please keep us informed if you receive any notice.. thanks

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Well I just got my rejection letter from Baptist.

I have two more shots: UM Scholars and the HCA Scholars, which we can only apply after the end of the 1st Semester.

On the bright side, I don't have to hurry and move to Kendall as I had planned in the event I got it. Further, I'm one that embraces the word "no", for the more nos I hear, that only means a yes is that much closer.

Good luck to all:)


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Ok so I was reading your post in disbelief thinking that you were about to say "Just Kidding." I'm very surprised by that. I must say,you have a very positive outlook though, and thats awesome. You ARE that much closer to yes ::hug::. I'm sure someone will scoop you up soon, and they will be lucky to have you! I hope that one of the scholarships works out for you. Please let me know if you hear anything more.

Best of Luck,