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  1. JO0106

    MDC Spring 2010

    Does anyone know if the bookstore will be open on the 29th & 30th ?
  2. JO0106

    MDC Spring 2010

    Rejections already ? I thought they would send them out once all interviews were done. People still have their interviews next week. Hmm.. Prospect, I truly admire your optimism and hope that I can adopt those positive thoughts!
  3. JO0106

    MDC Spring 2010

    I had my interview this past Tuesday. It went well I believe. I was super nervous before going in but once the first few words came out, everything was ok ! They ladies were very nice and relaxed. They told me we wouldn't be hearing a response for 10-15 days. So we'll all be anxiously waiting and hopefully to get a nice ACCEPTANCE around the holidays! Good luck to everyone and keep us all posted!!
  4. JO0106

    MDC Spring 2010

    I received a call from Baptist as well, my interview will be on the 8th! I am anxious and excited at the same time. Good luck to everyone and let us know how you all do.
  5. Crystal360, I really have no idea if they look at updated GPA's. But maybe you would have better luck calling and asking. But regardless, keep up the faith and good luck! I had a question to everyone who got accepted, on the papers they sent us, it never said anything about the information session that they emailed us about for Tuesday. Is that still a mandatory session ?
  6. I received my acceptance letter as well yesterday. If it helps I have a 3.73 and it was my second time applying to the Full time Generic option. Congrats to everyone who was accepted. And to those who were not, keep trying! Trust me, I was feeling pretty hopeless and negative too !
  7. I don't necessarily think its a sign you're in . It specifically says that admission is not determined at the bottom of that page. I did receive the email & letter from them for the scholarship invitation. I applied for Full-time generic option for spring. My GPA at the moment is 3.69, should be going up to 3.73 after this semester. Hope that helped.
  8. JO0106

    MDC Accelerated Nursing Winter '10

    I received the email as well. To my knowledge, it does not mean that we have been accepted. I applied last semester (Fall 09) and was rejected, reapplied and am in the same waiting game as everyone else. My GPA is a 3.69 at the moment, after this semester should rise to 3.73 considering I maintain all A's. However, I'm all saddened because I dont have a 3.8.