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  1. ProspectiveMDC

    Struggling with the NCLEX? These tips may help you.

    Could someone in the know confirm or deny this? This is the first I've ever heard of 'algorithms based on time' being a part of the NCLEX "CAT" (Computer Adaptive Testing) works. From their site https://www.ncsbn.org/1216.htm How Does CAT Work? [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD] Every time you answer an item, the computer re-estimates your ability based on all the previous answers and the difficulty of those items. The computer then selects the next item that you should have a 50% chance of answering correctly. This way, the next item should not be too easy or too hard The computer’s goal is to get as much information as possible about your true ability level You should find each item challenging as each item is targeted to your ability [*]With each item answered, the computer’s estimate of your ability becomes more precise. [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] If length of time was part of the CAT algorithms, I see no reason by NCSBN would not include that in the FAQ's. It would truly be a disservice to future NCLEX test takers, if they follow this advice and rush to answer and end up failing. More clarity (or facts) are needed on this alleged timing algorithm topic. It is imperative if it true or not.
  2. My apologies. I stand corrected.
  3. ProspectiveMDC

    Testing yourself on meds/pharm: Help!!

    Try this online flashcards free from NCSBN itself! NCSBN Flashcards
  4. That would be incorrect. The NCLEX 3500 has been on Salt Lake Community College website for the longest. http://nursing.slcc.edu Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version
  5. ProspectiveMDC

    Tylenol an NSAID?

    OK, I know this thread is old but the question is still important. What's the final consensus? Or is it still that partially wrong/right answer?
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Actually there are several of the links in the 1st page that are no longer there. If anyone could upload them, it would be appreciated. I just want to take the time to say Rest In Peace to Daytonite. She was an amazing person filled with nursing wisdom. My prayers are with her.
  7. ProspectiveMDC

    Patient Shoots Nurse, 1 other at Danbury, CT hospital

    Absolutely, it happens all the time (and defense attorneys may argue that the letter of the law was broken but not the spirit of the law), however I was not questioning the prosecutors judgment call, I was on questioning the police dept. This should have been a no-brainer that such violent acts should merit something beyond 1st degree assault. I have no idea of their statues but it almost sounds like a misdemeanor. For example, in some states, if Hull would have died due to the gunshot injuries, and even if PT did not willfully try to kill him and was just wrestling with him after aiming the gun at someone else, he would be charged with Felony Murder or even if he did not die, Attempted Felony murder would be the charge. Not 1st degree assault, lol. "A rule of law that holds that if a killing occurs during the commission or attempted commission of a felony (a major crime), the person or persons responsible for the felony can be charged with murder."
  8. ProspectiveMDC

    Patient Shoots Nurse, 1 other at Danbury, CT hospital

    I would agree if the nurse was shot just one time in the struggle. The gun going off once could be taken as mistakenly being fired. According to the article he did take aim at someone else "he pulled the gun out from under his gown and pointed it at another staff member," (that in itself is assult) further the fact that Hull was shot 3 times should raise red flags that this was not some error where the gun went off once and somebody was hit. Unless, if it was Hull the one that pulled the trigger all 3 times on himself.
  9. ProspectiveMDC

    Patient Shoots Nurse, 1 other at Danbury, CT hospital

    "Lupienski is charged with first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm and carrying a revolver without a permit. His bond was set at $250,000." I can't believe the police dept gave the PT such light charges. In other states the correct charge would be Attempted murder with NO BOND!
  10. ProspectiveMDC

    Fitness and Nursing- any ideas?

    I found this link which was interesting: Fitness Nursing is ranked #5 in the 10 most exciting Jobs in Nursing! NursingLink's 10 Most Exciting Jobs in Nursing #1: Going Into the Flow: Holistic Nursing #2: A Digital Dose: Nursing Informatics #3: Criminal Realm: Forensic Nursing #4: Measuring Quality: Outcomes Management #5: Health Pays: Fitness Nursing #6: On Your Own: Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed) #7: Botox and Beyond Medical Esthetics Nurse #8: Beyond Chaplains: Faith-Based Nursing #9 Educating and Monitoring: Insurance Nursing #10: Managing and More: Assisted Living and Long Term Care Edit: Also found this nice blog on the topic: http://fitnessnursing.wordpress.com/ Here's another interesting one: Certified Fitness Nurse http://www.fitnessnursing.org/mission.html
  11. ProspectiveMDC

    MDC Accelerated RN program, Spring 2010

    Everything happens for a reason. If you would have gotten into the AO program you would not have been eligible for the Baptist Scholars which you did get cause of the Full-Time Generic. Congrats! Your story is one to be told for many others to read about. Four times of rejection letters from MDC and on your 5th one you land it with a full paid scholarship and a guaranteed job. Good for you! Your a fighter and are resilient.
  12. ProspectiveMDC

    MDC Accelerated RN program, Spring 2010

    Hey everybody, I found this thread a bit too late. I guess cause it was aimed at the Accelerated and i'm starting tomorrow the Full Time Generic. I must say this to all those that are starting the AO program. Hang in there cause from what I hear it's super difficult. I was friends here on allnurses with 5 peeps that started the AO in August. We traded PM's back and forth and had great communication. One semester has gone by and only one of them replied to my PM's I've left them. Nor will they post about their experience in their 1st semester. The one PM I did get was a very sad one from someone I thought would ace everything. I've also searched to see if anyone from last semester's AO program has posted anything and though they have been back on the forums all are mum. I'm getting the feeling in this case, no news is bad news. I'm mentioning this in hopes someone that started last semester AO program sees this and tells others the reality of the AO path. So future students think carefully about taking that path. Also, I mention this for the current students that will begin the AO program in the Spring, please come back at the end and share with others that will start brand new or who are unsure about which program to take. This affects me in no way for I do not have a Bachelor's so I did not even qualify for the AO. I'm just asking for others to come may find info when they hit that search button. Good Luck to all of us.
  13. ProspectiveMDC

    MDC Spring 2010

    Nice to hear from you. Hope you get well fast. Going from former posts of others who have done Jackson/Baptist Scholars, is that you can alway buy yourself out of the contract. I would be prorated based on what you have and have not worked. So say after a year of full time employment, it would be like $2,500. The refund would have to go to Workforce since they are putting up the funds. However, i'm not sure how that would play out with UM since they are not putting up the funds. What do they get in return for an employee breaking the contract. In all you bring up an excellent question, since Baptist/Jackson Scholars were all paid by the respective hospitals, you simply bought your way out if you wanted to leave early. Now, since UM puts up nothing but the job opening/position... it would feel weird just to say bye i'm leaving and they get nothing in return. Btw, PM me with your Professors and days, I want to see if we both have some classes together. From what I hear I got lucky with all my professors, at least thats according to current students and what some MDC staff have told me.
  14. ProspectiveMDC

    MDC Spring 2010

    I stand corrected, you are right, those awarded will not get a new set of classes. What I mentioned was the format that was going to be used originally, and they may still implemented it for the following term. They wanted to have all the UM Scholars together in each class but that will not happen this semester. They are going to see how this Spring turns out. So what you were told was the current model that will be used for the Spring. Hey ruis90, we're so close that by the time this post is read by some, we would have started already. I will add, that during the semester, most likely I will not be venturing in allnurses. My focus will be in studying 24/7. Hey MDCupcake, I now understand how they were able to move your appointment to the 4th. What we went to was a preliminary interview. The real deal may come soon after. Please, let us know which you receive on the 4th? If UM representatives are there, it's the real deal. In conclusion, I understood the final results will by next Friday. So i'm not even sure if there will time for those next batch of interviews since the only ideal day would have been on the 4th, the day b4 classes begin. Btw, if your classes are paid for already by your own money and you will be receiving this scholarship, you have to get your schedule reversed for an unpaid extension. So the then your voucher can pay for it. If you do not do this your 1st semester will stay paid by your own funds and voucher will kick in next semester. You may want to do that on the 4th. You can also ask that question on the 4th and they will tell you who you have to see that knows exactly what's going on and what to do so you don't have to pay out of pocket your first semester. It will also cover books and uniforms, though I don't know what happens to those that purchased their books already. I asked the head of the bookstore and his reply was a no go. If it applies to you, ask that if possible. As for me I purchased my books from former students, at rock bottom prices. Anyways, at the end they ask if you have any questions. Good Luck. Happy New Year everybody.
  15. ProspectiveMDC

    MDC Spring 2010

    I just did a course search at the MDC website on all 1st semester NUR classes at the Medical Campus and all UM choices say "UNIV. OF MIAMI Generic Full-Time only" with over 30 seats still open in each one. Further, each have a different Reference #, day, time, room# each class meets. On top of that at the Orientation, one of the administrators stated that they would take care off all the class changes for the UM program. At least I remember cause I asked him that question. I could be totally incorrect, but for example say you and I both are registered for different NUR1025 class, different day/time/room and we both ended up in the UM scholars, how could we go on the sheduled UM NUR1025 course Tuesdays 08:00AM 10:45AM in room 2117 and yet keep our current NUR1025 class which has a different room and time? In other words, verifying the MDC class search reveals that all UM Scholars have their own time/day/hour/reference# that does not match whatever we have all enrolled for the day after Orientation. That is if unless, you have already been awarded, but I did not get that from your post. The college will be open 29th & 30th, so my guess would be that includes the bookstore, for I can't see it closed down while the rest of the school is open.