May '11 grad in KY wanting to move to phoenix

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I will a BSN graduate in May looking to relocate anywhere with good wheather (not cold east coast), my brother in law is a freshman at UAT and i am thinking to move there so we can support him while he is far from home. That way when he graduates i can move elsewhere i want because i would like to move around. my husband will be looking to get a masters in electrical engineering in another yr

What are good pay and work ethics hospitals in phoenix? interested in furthering my education in a year

are there opportunities to work and live well?

sense of community in general? wheather, crime, cost of living?

this is an important point in my life should i take the NCLEX in AZ or be safe start here?


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That's kind of funny, because 2 of my May '10 grad classmates moved from Phoenix to Kentucky to find jobs :p

Anyway, to answer your questions, the job market in Phoenix for new grads is pretty bad right now, but there's no telling how it will be a year from now. The weather in Phoenix is really hot most of the year (they recently had a 111 degree September!), but it doesn't ever get really cold. Lows in the winter hover in the 40's and 50's, highs in the 60's and 70's. Crime is a problem in Phoenix the way it is in many larger cities. Lots of gang activity and drugs. Some areas of Phoenix are expensive to live in (Scottsdale, especially) and others are cheaper, it just depends on where you live and work.

Best of luck when you graduate!

Thank you, i was an extern this summer at a local well known hospital that i pretty much have a job lined up. however i do not want to be stuck here, i say in year i would move but i am not sure how that would play out. what hospitals are good to hire new grads with good offers? not that i am a brilliant student who would get it but i would love to try. how do they like moving to KY?

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Honestly I don't know much about the hospitals in Phoenix. I live in Tucson :nurse:

I'm not even sure where in KY my classmates moved, although they both have said they're enjoying their new jobs (one of them works in neuro ICU).

If I were you and you have a job lined up in Kentucky I would take it for a year or two then move to Phoenix. With experience it should not be hard to find a job in Phoenix. But as a new grad it is a nightmare..... I am a March 2010 Graduate still waiting and applying, and waiting and applying. If anyone knows of any WIS departments looking for a new grad, or any departments let me know!!!!


its kind of scary to know that nurses cant find jobs when we all know that there is a ton of work to be done and that our peers arebendign over their back just to manage a huge load of patient care.

I agree with the above poster who said that if you have a job lined up in KY take that for a couple years before moving. I live in phoenix and its really hard right now to find any job, not just nursing. As far as the weather here though I love it, I would take 110 degrees over snow any day. And the cost of living really varies, certain areas are expensive but there are definitely reasonably priced areas as well. Good luck to you!

I know some people in Arizona/Phoenix and Arizona was heavily affected by the housing crisis in California. People moved to Arizona to escape rising California housing prices and as a result, inflated housing prices and also brought competition for jobs.

I don't know about the economies currently but what about New Mexico? or Denver?

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I lived in phoenix for two years when I went to ASU. The summers are super hot. I remember my neighbors and I used to cook eggs on the sidewalk during the summer. I loved it there in winter and spring months when the weather was perfect.

I am originally from colorado and I moved back there after my ASU days. I love my state, because I feel we get the best of everything. Jobs anywhere are going to be tough to find. Who knows what it will be like in may '11 and the job situation.

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