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Hi everyone, If anyone has any questions regarding the direct entry program at Northeastern University please feel free to ask. I am a first year student and I am enjoying the program very much. ... Read More

  1. by   kobrien629
    I got a call from Northeastern this week and have an interview 2/18. I'm anxiously waiting to hear from MGH, as they are my top choice!

    Congrats Redsox17! =)
  2. by   suga70
    I got into BC and heard January 22nd - already sent in my deposit. Is anyone else going to or considering BC?
  3. by   Nahbois
    i just received my acceptance to the northeastern direct-entry program in the mail today- my mom opened it over the phone i was so nervous! but now that i'm in, i have to worry about the cost

    if anyone is currently in the program (or who has been through it), do you find the cost manageable? its my first choice but i'm terrified of being in major debt!

    any advice is appreciated! thanks
  4. by   Carrig RN
    I went to Northeastern for my undergraduate business degree. While I am not aware of the cost of the graduate nursing program there, I got a wonderful scholarship that covered an entire semester's tuition every year which was wonderful. But this could be different for graduate school. My boyfriend got his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from NU and he said the one year was something like $24,000. According to their website, the direct entry MSN is just about $12,000 per term.

    Congrats! I loved Boston and NU!
  5. by   kobrien629

    CONGRATS! =) You got in and that is the most important part! You will find a way to work out the costs!!

    Did you have an interview with Northeastern? And if you did, any suggestions or pointers? Were there many specific questions or was it the general (why do you want to be here) type of stuff! Thanks!
  6. by   Nahbois
    Thanks! I had an interview last weekend and my advice would be just to be yourself- the questions were very general- why Northeastern? why you want to be an NP? Just know the program and know yourself and you'll do fine- Good Luck!
  7. by   CalGalRD
    Hi All. I posted on another thread too, but I'm a newbie so I'm posting on this one too. I just found out I was accepted to Northeastern's program today. Yay! I've also been accepted to Columbia. I'm not sure which to choose. . any thoughts? I did my dietetic internship in Boston through Simmons(was kind of disappointed in that program) but I think the nursing program at Northeastern would be great. Columbia seems great too. Both are expensive and both are far from me (I'm a West Coast Gal). Thanks for your input. Good luck everyone.
  8. by   Redsox17
    I was accepted to Columbia as well and all I can really say the difference between the two is the time frame. NU's program is 4 years and Columbia's is 2.5. You'll also carry about 150k in loans from Columbia, not sure about NU but pretty sure its around 80-90k. Columbia also has a large class size (160-180) and NU carries about 80-100 I think (not positive). I think if you want to stay in the Bean, go to NU...looking for a change in scenery, go to Columbia. Not much difference between the two honestly, whatever decision you make will be a good one!!
  9. by   Nahbois
    Congrats everyone- I was accepted to Northeastern Friday! It really is a great program- it may be 4 years, but the co-op gives you a chance to make money (without paying tuition), and if you go back to finish your masters part-time, a hospital may even help you with tuition. Its located in the Longwood medical area so you'll be exposed to great healthcare and make connections that will help you find a job later on. The cohort size at Northeastern is 27-30. I don't know much about Columbia's program but I am sure its great too! Good luck making your decisions!

    ps. I swear I don't work for Northeastern haha
  10. by   kobrien629
    Just had my interview with Northeastern. I was surprised to find out that you have to work in a NICU for three years before you are even allowed to start the specialty portion of the Masters for Neonatal NP. I was a little disappointed that I hadn't heard of that until the interview!

    Good luck to all with interviews coming up! =)
  11. by   puravida09
    oh wow. How much longer does the specialty part take once started? I have an interview on Saturday! I am going to be doing a phone one, so I am a little nervous not having the face to face interaction!
  12. by   CharmedJ7
    Out of curiosity...

    a) When did you guys apply?

    b) Puravida, are you from Costa Rica by any chance?
  13. by   jnd1213
    Quote from CharmedJ7
    Out of curiosity...

    a) When did you guys apply?

    b) Puravida, are you from Costa Rica by any chance?

    I applied to NEU in mid November. I interviewed and got accepted before xmas. (which was a more than pleasant surprise/shock).