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  1. jane415

    Northeastern University Direct Entry

    I apologize. I meant the Northeastern in Boston, Mass.
  2. Hi everyone, If anyone has any questions regarding the direct entry program at Northeastern University please feel free to ask. I am a first year student and I am enjoying the program very much. -Jane415
  3. Hi, I am looking to talk to people who are current students at NEU or are planning to start this fall. I am just curious as to what they can tell me about their program experience and what the first year has been like for them. Thanks so much! -J
  4. jane415

    Direct Entry Programs- How hard to get in?

    Hi, Thanks for all of your feedback. I was told that at Yale you have to choose a speciality upon applying and that there is no flexibility within the program once you have chosen your path. Does anyone know if that is true? If so, how did people choose which program was right for them upon applying? That seems like such a big decision. I also heard that at other programs you can sometimes cross specialize or take additional classes outside of your speciality--does anyone know of these programs in particular? Does UPenn offer that? Boston seems like a great place to start your career. Good luck to all those going to MGH, BC, and NEU. I bet you will have several different hospitals to work in and a wide variety of patients to care for which is really great. -j
  5. jane415

    Direct Entry Programs- How hard to get in?

    Thanks for all of your insight. I'm sorry to hear about those who did not get into the program at NE. It sounds like bad news for me too since I did not receive a phone call about being accepted. This whole process of waiting is just horrible. Oddly enough, on Friday I received an email from NE asking to join an online chat group next week about on and off campus housing...did everyone receive that? Why would they do that if they planned to reject you? It seems sort of mean. I know someone who got into UPenn. It seems like a nice program. Good luck at MGH. MGH and Columbia seem to be the places people I've encountered want to go to most. What was your Yale interview experience like? Did the applicant pool seem diverse? Was everyone nice? Thank you, -J
  6. jane415

    Direct Entry Programs- How hard to get in?

    Hi everyone, I just learned about this forum. I am new to nursing and I am waiting to hear back from Northeastern. Did anyone else apply to Northeastern in Boston, Mass? I was told that they may or may not interview all their candidates. I wasn't sure what to make of that. Is there anyone here that applied to any ivy league programs? There seems to be some very nice programs out there, but it didn't look like anyone had any experience with any of them on this thread. Thanks, -J