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I have noticed that some other states are naming their hospitals and the starting salaries for each. Let's chime in Maryland!... Read More

  1. by   motor_mouth
    Quote from UMSON
    Where do you work? What level of degree do you have?
    I won't say where I work as I don't want to throw any hospital under the bus.

    I graduated from UMSON's CNL program and have my CNL certification as well. The place I work does not have a clinical ladder, so degree, certification, etc. mean nothing.
  2. by   UMSON
    Same degree for me. You definitely need to look elsewhere.
  3. by   NurseKait_11
    Does anyone know if UMMC offer loan repayment?
  4. by   bcandygurl
    reimbursement not loan repayment..only Holy Cross Hospital offers loan repayment
  5. by   DesertRosee
    Any new salary information for Maryland or surrounding DMV area?

    I do have some info to add:
    Medstar St. Mary's hospital new grad pay 25.50-26.50 (BSN vs ADN) offers nights/weekend differentials
  6. by   RNmom421
    I have 6 years experience. Calvert health memorial for pool/PRN 35.60/hr including differentials.