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  1. motor_mouth

    Is this enough training for experienced nurse?

    I work in a non-M/S unit that is considered of lesser acuity. We get NO orientation to the M/S floors but get floated there when needed. Some are nice and show us the lay of the land, others just say "here's your assignment" and leave you clueless.
  2. motor_mouth

    Should I feel bad for not picking up extra shifts?

    I receive emails and snide follow up voicemails saying "Well, since you never responded. . ." Yeah I didn't respond. I was sleeping because I work that night. Grrr.....
  3. motor_mouth

    Should I feel bad for not picking up extra shifts?

    This is a WONDERFUL idea! Then again, work already complains that I don't answer the phone when I'm off. I still love the idea.
  4. motor_mouth

    Should I feel bad for not picking up extra shifts?

    Agree. My phone is on silent when I'm home and I'll only answer work if I want to work extra. Then when I don't answer I get emails asking for a better number to reach me when I'm off. Uh, I'm OFF. You don't need any number to reach me. Also, I work nights so am usually sleeping during the day. Management calling me at 2 pm does nothing to make me want to help them. Why don't I call you at 2 am and see how that goes?
  5. motor_mouth

    Help! Manager is making schedule a nightmare

    I really think management has NO CLUE how difficult it is for night shift to work every other day. We do "self" scheduling but every now and then, the manager schedules us with no input from staff, and it seems we ALL end up every other night. We'll try to switch with each other if possible. But yes, every other night for night shift should never be given unless the staff wants it, and we do have someone who prefers that.
  6. motor_mouth

    Keeping healthy and fit while being a nurse?

    Not necessarily. I rarely work my 3 days in a row. That's just not how it works out most weeks.
  7. motor_mouth

    Keeping healthy and fit while being a nurse?

    Part of it is just going to be getting used to the hours. Flipping between days and nights isn't easy to begin with. I work nights and as hard as it is to drag myself to the gym after a shift, some days that's what I have to do.
  8. motor_mouth

    Autoimmune disease and working

    I haven't had a flare since I went on medication. I'm currently working ~44-52hrs/week on average, sometimes 60. Yes, sometimes I am exhausted, but it's probably from just working so much. My lab work, for the most part, is still normal. You have to listen to your body. Maybe time to see the rheumatologist?
  9. motor_mouth


    Meeshie - That was helpful. It's usually not an issue with the previous shift leaving things undone. It just happened that multiple things were not done that day so I started out playing catch up. Someone else had told the patient that it could be done at that time, so I came in to it being an expectation. Some days, it probably could be, but not every day. It just depends on the acuity/needs of the patients and the staffing that shift. Whether right or not, I did stay and do it. I asked the patient when it would be best to do it, they gave me a time. I told them that it might not always be possible to do it then to which they basically said, "I don't know what to tell you then." When I interviewed, I did let management know that assertiveness is a definite weakness of mine. They said they could work with me on getting better at it. Is it appropriate to ask for them help? Not in this specific case, but just in general?
  10. motor_mouth


    Here's the situation in a nutshell with as few specifics as possible. I'm recently off orientation at a new job (~2.5 yrs of nursing experience elsewhere). There is something due 3-4 hours into my shift which the patient refused, stating she wanted it at the end of my shift. Come the end of my shift, I had no time to do it (toileting, passing meds, etc.) During report, I tell the next nurse this and am told "Well, you have to." Even when approached by the next shift's charge nurse, the nurse insisted that she was not doing it, I should have to. Last time I checked, nursing was 24/7. I did numerous things for my patients when I got in that shift that were due on the previous shift. I didn't give the previous nurse grief over it. I am not an assertive person at all. How do I deal with this?
  11. motor_mouth

    Feeling Bad Looking for Another Job

    Just wanted to updated everyone. I ended up interviewing for the position I mentioned in this post. They were taking too long to hear from so I applied to another position, was offered it, and took it. :) Still better pay, better benefits, opportunities for advancement, etc. I've decided to stay at my current place as a per diem for the time being. I really do love it there. But, I gotta take care of myself first.
  12. I work primarily with dementia patients, so have been called every name in the book. I find on most days, it really doesn't bother me. Then, for whatever reason, there are days that for whatever reason, I start to get emotional. That's when I look to a coworker to step in so I can get control back. No idea why some days are like that, but luckily it's not many.
  13. motor_mouth

    Registered Nurse Salary Purchasing Power Across States

    My gross income is less than the "income after taxes" for my state.
  14. motor_mouth

    VA Hiring Process

    Agreed. Do not go in blind to their interview techniques.
  15. motor_mouth

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    Food all week. That all the other disciplines ate also.
  16. motor_mouth

    VA Hiring Process

    I read the first few pages and it was very eye opening! It sounds like a very long, complicated process. I've only just applied, so we'll see if it goes any further than that. From what I've read on here, it looks like education/experience doesn't count unless you can quantify it with the 9 dimensions of nursing. Is this correct?