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  1. johsonmichelle

    2 full-time jobs?

    I’m not sure you would be able to 2 full time jobs as a new nurse. As a new nurse you will require extensive orientation . Also hospitals offer new grad residency which may also require some time out of your normal work schedule. I would advise you to do one full time job, get some experience and then pick a second prn job somewhere else. Prn tends to pay more than full time.
  2. johsonmichelle

    Only using Uworld to study?

    I used other programs, like Kaplan and ATI and felt it waste of time and money. I only used them because it was required by my school. I did UWORLD for a week or so and I passed on my first attempt. If you use UWORLD correctly, you will pass. When I say correctly , you do the practice questions and take your time to go through all the answers and rationale, even on the ones you got correct. The great thing about UWORLD is the detailed information that is provided on the rationales of each question.
  3. johsonmichelle


    U world is the best thing, I tell you. I took the nclex a few years ago but I still stand behind UWORLD because I believe that's what helped me the passed the NCLEX. I tried Kaplan and Saunders and I felt that the UWORLD was most similar to the nclex and I passed on my first attempt. My test UWORLD scores were not even high as yours so just relax and you will be fine.
  4. johsonmichelle

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    I do not think nurse's make great money at all especially in my area. All the stress and requirements of the job are not worth the money paid. At least in my area is there is availability of jobs due to very high turn over rates.
  5. johsonmichelle

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    Talking directly tor recruiter can help , if they like your application , they can bring it to the attention of the hiring manager quicker.
  6. johsonmichelle

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    I would highly advise against it , I’m not sure where are you located but your experience is enough to get a decent nursing job. I would advise that you continue to apply for nurse position , also try to reach out to the recruiter directly . Do you have any contact with people from you me previous employment ? If so, I would also advise that you reach out to those people as well.