ccbc essex???

  1. I have read a few not so great comments about the program at Essex. I was just accepted into their night/weekend program. Could somebody fill me in on the program what you like/didn't like about it. TIA Lisa
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  3. by   Jules A
    Congratulations Lisa! Be proud of yourself, keep your eye on the prize and you will do fine. CCBC in general has its good points and bad points imo but I get the impression its not too different from many other programs. You should get a decent education there, just turn a blind eye to the extra bull and in the end it will be worth it.
  4. by   NursePru
    Hi all,

    I just got in the evening and weekend program there as well I know several students who got through the day program because I put it off for a couple of semesters for financial reasons. I've heard that the day program is tough, but doable. I have heard things about the environment not being as supportive, but I have also heard the opposite.

    I'm just preparing myself mentally for it (if that is possible ). All the people I know (about 5) passed the NCLEX on the first try so they must be doing something right. I think CCBC's pass rate is about 91%.

    Congrats on getting in I will probably see you at orientation!
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  5. by   embradsmom
    Hey nursepru,
    Do you know when fundamentals will start for us night weekenders? Im sure will get all the info on the 29th but I am just curious because it is not on the fall or summer schedule. TIA! Lisa
  6. by   NursePru
    I'm not sure either...maybe they don't list it since it's a closed course for nursing majors, but all the other ones show up so I'm not sure ?? I guess we'll find out! I'm guessing the very end of August or beginning of Sept. whenever the Fall semester starts for everyone else.
  7. by   zahryia
    I would run, run very far. After fundamentals and Med-Surg, the quality declines rapidly. If you don't need to take evening classes, go to Catonsville...really.
  8. by   NursePru
    Well I've accepted my fate and don't have a's either go now to Essex and deal with it or put it off ANOTHER semester and go to Harford OR take even more prereqs and spend more money to get into a BSN program...I've heard mixed reviews so I'd rather not start off the semester scared out of my wits. I've accepted that I will have little to no social life during the program and that I will have to live and breath my studies. I'm ok with kids yet so there is no reason I can't focus all attention (besides working part-time) to the program. I've heard the horror stories and have put it off long enough because of them so I could cut back my work hours. If Nursing school is so awful, why do I know so many nurses?

    I can't worry about all the negative stuff that is said about the program...the only thing I can do is have faith in myself...and that goes for anyone who chooses any nursing's going to be hard no matter where you's the nature of the beast.
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  9. by   embradsmom
    Hello all,
    I have already accepted the seat in the program. I actually live in Harford county but, Nights and weekends would be more convenient for me with two children. I am just going to go in with a positive can do attitude. THat is all I can do. I am looking forward to orientation. Thanks for the replies. Lisa
  10. by   biggabe52
    Congrats on the acceptance. I just finished the day program at Essex and it is not one I would recommend. There is little to no support from the staff and we began with 68 and graduated with 22. They do teach you what you need to know but it is almost not worth the ridicule and abuse that accompanies it. Just be prepared as you would to enter bootcamp for the military for 2 long years and all will be fine...
  11. by   onehotnerd
    Can someone please explain what "the lack of support" and abuse from professors is all about? I did my prereqs at Harford and loved every bit of it but I can't get into the program there until next year. I just got into the Essex program off the waitlist for this Fall and have to accept or not accept this week! Is it really that bad? How does it compare to Harford? Should I just wait? Help!
  12. by   Dancinagain
    I too would like to hear real examples of lack of support/abuse. It's hard for me to take seriously a comment that says "run far away" without any examples or backup of your comments. If it's that bad, I'm assuming you have anectdotal proof of it.
  13. by   biggabe52
    The instructors are just not very helpful. I overheard one saying to another "we need to be relentless" The director told me personally that they will hold the grades in order to keep us from receiving instant gratification, and one girl asked for help because she needed an 80% on her final test and the instructor she asked for help said she hasnt gotten an 80 so she should withdraw from the program... These are some reasons why people say to run away from Essex. However, if you do make it through, I only know of 2 people who did not pass the nclex on the first try...
  14. by   student8520

    Can you elaborate on the pros(if any)/cons of the program? Is it related more towards the teachers? Administration? or lessons taught? Do u get the appropriate information needed to become a knowledgable nurse upon graduating? Do u have any inout on the Catonsville program or any of the othe CC RN programs(Howard Co?)

    Any details would be great! I just really want to make a wise decision to ensure a positive experience that will enable me to do the best job possible. N clearly administration is not going to tell u that their program sucks!

    Thanks in advance!