many rejection letters crying all day..


I applied to 4 schools and received interviews at 3 so far went to one back in oct. and received denial letter few weeks later from Trover/Murray state. Was quite a blow but really felt like that was not the school for me. Interview process was really stressfull and was my first so I did not shine. My next interview was at CAMC/Marshall University and I loved the school and enjoyed the whole interview process was so relaxed and felt confident. Then I got an interview at Cincinnati I went to that and also liked the school and felt I had a good interview.

Just received denial letter from Cincy and now a letter from CAMC that they are going to hold my application till feb.. This is killing me.. I just dont know what else to do to make my self a better candidate?????//

I have one more application out there and that is to University of tennesse in Knoxville and I believe they interview in march. I am nervous should I apply to more schools???Or wait and hope on CAMC??? I really liked CAMC....

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am retaking the GRE in January to help out at CAMC.. They suggested that.

I know after 18 years as a critical care nurse being a CRNA is what I am meant to be but getting into school is quite a challenge.. Thanks for any help... SUE


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sue...hang in there, there are many of us who want to go....just remember, a lot of applicants do not get interviews...the anticipation is tough, but well worth it in the long run. you are on the right track if you have that many interviews. best of luck.


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perhaps you could take a conference on interview techniques if you feel that this is a prob. I m sorry you are having such a rough time. Keep trying though and im sure youll get there. :kiss


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Thanks to you both. Are you also applying or are you already CRNA's???I want to go and plan on keep on applying. I am proud I received interviews from 3 of the 4 schools I applied to.. I am still in the running for the one just hoping and studying my GRE stuff... thanks


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dont be discouraged. I think this is a test to see how badly you really want it. I applied 3 years ago 2 three programs. made alternate at one school two years in a row. I became discouraged and took a year off from applying. I decided to apply to differant states. I was just accepted in minnesota. dont give up!!!


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I would write a letter to the directors of the schools that you applied to to find out what areas they thought you were weak in (if any), so that you can work on improving those areas. Is it your stats that are not comparable to other applicants etc. If you were turned down by only one school thats no big deal, but if all the schools are turning you down then you need to investigate. Do not set yourself up for furthur disappointment. Find out where the schools believe you are lacking as an applicant, and then improve those areas before your next interview even if it means postponing your next interview to a later date.


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I agree with London88. You need to find out where the programs feel you can improve your application. I would also suggest applying to more schools in other states if you are willing to relocate. The application process is a pain, stressful and can get very expensive, but in the long run it will be worth it. Best of luck.


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Thank you all so much.. I have been attempting to contact each of the schools and believe the issue is my Gre scores. I only got a 400 on verbal and 550 on math and 5.5 on essay.. I only took the one time.. so I am taking it again in january.. wish me luck:confused: :confused: :confused:

I think London88 has the right idea. I've heard that talking with the school's decision makers can only help. Usually they will be honest about their reasons for denial and give suggestions. As a side note, if you said that you thought the interview went well, that's a pretty good sign. I thought mine was horrible, but I made it. Obviously you were comfortable and that's good.

I think there is a GRE prep course somewhere that might help improve your scores.

A friend of mine got into Kaiser last year and I got into MTSA this year by taking his advice. Get in the face of the decision-makers and let them know how serious you are and how bad you want it. If they suggest you take an upper level class, call with updates on your grades as you go. If they recommend you obtain your CCRN, let them know how you do. When it comes time for the interview, they'll already know you. I think this can only help.

P.S. Applying to several schools, even relocating could be important. As one CRNA told me, "The only thing that matters is getting in, so you can get out."

Best of luck.



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Thanks for the advice.. I do have my CCRN got that in August. MY first interview at Trover was awful but I learned from that and really felt comfertable in CAMC and Cincy... I keep studying for my GRE...

Anyone know of any programs that have january and feb. deadlines for applications???

Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions..

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Sue, don't be discouraged!! First think of all the people that didn't get interviews, next was this your first time applying? Most programs are only taking 20 people out of over a hundred that apply. I don't know of anyone who kept applying to school and didn't get in (except the really bad grades and personality), this is because the schools see how determined you are. The last thing you probably want to hear is "the applicant pool was just really strong this year" but my friends have been told that and have gotten in the next year. Now that you've interviewed at those schools, all the directors know you, make sure they keep remembering you.


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Thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom..

Is it really that hard to get an interview?? I guess I took that part for granted.. I will reapply next year and I am determined to get in some time this life time.. thanks...

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