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I know this is all just a part of the end of the year routine for everyone here but I've seen 45 kids today and there is still 3.5 more hours to go!

Some of the high lights:

Little boy has spring allergies, teacher is convinced it's pink eye. I explain it's not. Teacher calls parents and says "the nurse saw him" and convinces the parents to come. Parents get kid, then call my office to tell me that they want his spring allergies added to his records since that's all it is and were NOT happy about having to miss work.

Little girl playing opossum. head down and too sick to be in class, but playful chatty Cathy in my office. I get a call that the parent is here to get her. Explain situation, parent still decides to take her home and little one throws up at home. Parent calls me FURIOUS that I missed it and demands to know her temp, the lunch menu, what she was doing all day, who else is sick, etc

Staff member bumps head while helping student in class. No visible bump or sign of concussion. Goes home "through nurse".

Is it summer yet?

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I hope today is less frustrating!

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is it just me or does anyone else find it just a bit amusing when fully grown adults come and ask your permission to go home. I am nobody here. You barely say "Hi" to me in the hallway yet you'll come in here and act like we're BFFs so you get some sort of blessing from me when you feel poorly to go home so it carries more weight?? Why? I repeat, i'm not an administrator, i'm carry no real authority. Who really cares what I have to say. You feel sick, you're an adult. Make arrangements and leave. Lord knows, I'm not doing it for you... unless, of course you'd like the whole ems bit, but then i still won't do your coverages :D

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I hope today is less frustrating!

Thank you! Yesterday was a doozy but today is back to the normal circus :)

While it's my first year as a school nurse, I can tell everyone is ready for Spring Break (starts Friday)! Many are already checked out for the end of the year. For the older students the excuses are getting lamer or their not trying at all. The youngest students have really been working on their creativity though. I had a 1st grader tell me she came from music class because her feet felt like they were bleeding, but they weren't really bleeding because she checked before she walked all the way down to my office. I told her, after I checked out her completely unaffected feet, that I can only fix actual bleeding so what did she think would help her? She told me she thought she should rest. So I allowed her to "rest" for the 12 minutes left of school and then delivered her back to her teacher, who kept a straight face when I shared this day's adventure. This LD visits often for things that sound horrible but have no measurable or visible symptoms. "Rest" or an ice pack fixes it all, and I've discussed with her teacher i think she's not getting as much attention at home as she'd like, or was used to. Her classroom teacher fields most of her symptoms, but if she's at PE, art, etc, they send her to me. I never know what could be up!

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1st year school nurse as well. I have had more issues in the last week than I have had all year. We get out May 14th and it can't get here fast enough.

My own poor kids won't be seeing an ice pack all summer, hurt or not!! LOL!!!

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This makes me glad there are other opportunities as nurses. Sounds chaotic... longing for summer!

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