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Management Structure

staceyp413 specializes in OR RN Circulator, Scrub; Management.

Wondering the set up of management where you work please!!!

Charge nurse/board runner/periop coordinator?

Managers & Supervisors?

Lead RN/ST's?

Looking for any information on a system that is in place that is well respected and working for you and your co-workers:idea:

dsr1957 specializes in Operating room, PACU, Pre-op, Med-Surg..

Director (currently vacant)

Specialty Team Managers x 4 (Ortho, Neuro, Genl/GYN/Plastics, Cardiac/Vasc./Urology)

Control desk specialist (runs the board)

Staff Educator

Assistant Head Nurse

CIRQL8 specializes in Only the O.R. and proud of it!.

Director of Surgical Services

Department manager (day surgery, general surgery)

Charge nurse (board facilitator)

Team leaders are on equal level to staff nurses/surg techs

We used to have 3 assistant managers (directly under the manager) but those spots were eliminated and extra team leader spots were created.

TracyB,RN specializes in jack of all trades, master of none.

Director - Surgical Services

Assistant Patient Care Manager=Charge nurse= Runs the board

Team leaders= one nurse/tech per service

Not really sure where to put the clinical educator. That person is responsible for the orientees, but will assist with running rooms, setting up, clean up, giving breaks, etc.....

Nurse Manager

Head Nursesx4

Charge Nurses

Anesthesia Charge runs the board and keeps things flowing in collaboration with Charge RN.

elcue specializes in OR, transplants,GYN oncology.

Director of Perioperative Services(OR, OB surgery, Outpatient Surgery, GI Lab)

Clinical Mgr of OR

Clinical Educator

Clinical Coordinators for each surgical service

Charge Nurses (run the board)

Director of Surgical Services (currently vacant)

Nurse managers for CVOR, General OR (everything accept CV) and PACU/Same Day Admissions (Endo is not under Periop services)

Charge nurses run the board on each shift

General OR has team leaders for the different specialities. In CVOR a scrub nurse for each surgeon serves as the team leader.

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