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I am a male student doing my prerequisites now at a community collage, getting ready to apply to nursing school. Dose anyone know if there's a better chance of males getting into nursing school because there the minority? Just curious...


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Originally posted by acrofford

Dose anyone know if there's a better chance of males getting into nursing school because there the minority? Just curious...

I hope not....

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Originally posted by raynefall

I hope not....

Me too. Call me rude but i think better odds of getting in because of gender is a load of crap. Acceptance should go to the better candidate, no matter what gender they are.

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I know at my school they go completely by GPA of your prerequisites (no interviews or credit for life experience)

It seems that what gets us guys in trouble is the tendency for some to have a "high and mighty" attitude...that won't get you anywhere.

Our program started with 6 out of 26 students male now there is 3 male students left.

Good luck, we need as many men in this field as possible! No offense ladies...


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I don't know if guys have any better chance of being accepted into a program, but I have seen where they have a harder time completing it. The reasons are varied, but the drop/fail rate seems to be higher than with females, in my experience.


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I'm into my last semester and can only tell you of our experiences with school and clinicals.

If you enter with a sense of superiority and push your weight around, the instructors will cut you to pieces before you even make it to clinicals. If you're somehow fortunate enough to make it past the instructors, the female med-surg nurses will finish the job at clinicals.

As for the "help," I'm sure you're not given any preference (if that hasn't occured to you already). On the financial aid side (in Florida anyway), we have the state financed "Gender Equity" program which pays tuition and books for anyone (male or female) entering an opposite sex dominated field (i.e. women into construction, auto repair, etc and men into nursing, etc). It's been a great deal for all of us males in our school. Perhaps Washington has a similar program.

Good luck, bro.


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I hope you will not be given a better chance just because you are a male (but I do not belive in *any* type of affirmative action, I think it is degrading), but we need more males in nursing so I wish you luck with being accepted!!

I don't know how your school is but at mine it is based on GPA, experience, and what classes you have taken (they go by a point system), they don't care what sex you are, nor should they.

And yes its true that there are less males in nursing than females, but males are by NO means a minority.


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Well that's a unique question and I give you points for originallity. I'm turning in my books right here, right now if nursing slots are given gender biases.

I'd love to see more men in nursing but not that way.

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Acceptance at my school is strictly based on meeting all the required criteria. Haven't heard of any quotas or special breaks for males.

However some schools do try to encourage guys to consider nursing through awareness / marketing programs.


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My school treats me the same as my female classmates. Nobody is given an easy time because of their gender and nobody is given a harder tiime because of it either.

And that is the way it should always be.



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unfortunately, nursing is still an overwhelmingly white female dominated profession in desperate need of ethnic and gender diversity to reflect our society. efforts should be made to attract well-qualified underrepresented groups into the field of nursing.


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Thank you all for your input, keep'em coming. That's great if they go solely off a point system. Thanks for the heads up about being smug to the instructors; I'm sure I wont have a problem there.

So what do the rest of you think? :specs:

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