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In my husband's scientific journals (such as Science) every job ad contains an expression such as "women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply". I don't see any such encouragements for men in nursing journals.

Nurse wise


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Originally posted by Nursewise

In my husband's scientific journals (such as Science) every job ad contains an expression such as "women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply". I don't see any such encouragements for men in nursing journals.

Nurse wise

Then you are not reading enough. Nursing 2003 had a HUGE layout encouraging men to enter nursing. It's been done before. You need to read more.


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The male students in my program got away with a LOT the female counterparts did not. things such as sleeping during lecture, being late (or even absent ) from clinical. It was even rumored there was grade-fixing, but I have no proof. SO it's not true thatn men are at a disadvantage in nursing school, everywhere. They bent over backward to accomodate and pass male students where I graduated. It was infuriating but I did understand the reasons behind it. I just went on doing the best I could, knowing damn well I could not change the politics where I was in school at all. Now don't get me wrong.....

I still think discrimination anywhere is wrong. I dealt with serious harassment and such in the military, believe me. Women were much more a minority in the military even as recently as the 1980s. I worked in a shop that was 99% male. The stuff I endured! I could sit and whine or write a book about it. But I did endure and prevail ...I did not whine and I did not anyone stop me from respecting myself and achieving my goals. I ignored those who heckled me and just went about the business of being a strong woman in the military.

Guess you got to make up your mind to ignore what bothers you, do something about the things you can change and quit the griping. That is the only way you get on with it.

Good luck. I say GO MEN!! if you want to enter nursing, I for one, welcome you!


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I have been a male in nursing for 27 years and a male in general for 51! Like the post said before, get through school first and worry about how you will be percieved later. I guess I have been very lucky because I can not think of anytime in the past where I had a problem with fellow nurses, MDs or patients. I do my job, give a sense of confidence and I don't worry about the little things. If someone has a problem with my gender, that is their problem. The only time it comes into play is if a patient would feel apprehensive. In that case I respect the patient's request and bow out. so far after 27 years in the OR that has not happened. I also agree that it seems I get along much better with surgeons in the OR rooms than I would if i worked in M/S. Some of the guys are on a first name basis, never in front of the patient, and we are good enough friends to discuss everything. All of this comes with years of knowing these guys, some I have known for 25 years. Relax, try to enjoy school, study hard and be the best nurse you can possibly be. Good luck. Mike

Maybe my school is more progressive than where the OP is.....

There are images of both male and female nurses in our textbooks and videos that we've seen during class. I don't remember anything in our syllabus about having to "share our feelings" for a grade.

And don't guys have feelings too???


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I am a male RN and I don't feel like I have ever been discriminated against. In fact I have seen the oposite effect with Dr.'s giving me more respect. Don't over analyze the negatives, learn and move on.

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Nursing needs good nurses, be they male or female.

Originally posted by krebs.cycle

I am a male nursing student in the midst of my second year of schooling towards a degree. I find the underlying of most everything in this program to be oriented towards women, whether it be the lack of pictures of male nurses in the text books or the necessity of describing one's "feelings" for a good grade.

My working years, to date, have been in male oriented areas, and I am increasingly aware of the inequity of acceptance and opportunity available to men entering nursing. The stereotype of nursing being for "women only" greatly influenced me by decreasing my desire to be a nurse, for many years, and still at times I feel the subtle segregation of being one of only three males in a class of 26.

Positive promotion of men in nursing is absent. The most recent portrayals have been "Oswald" from "The Drew Carey Show", "Jack" from "Will & Grace", and Ben Stiller's character on "Meet the Parents", which have all had negative connotations attached to them.

It would be great to see a "male-friendly" image of nursing that would encourage more men to decide on nursing as a career option.

Opinions and comments on ways that this can be accomplished or on my experiences and thoughts would be appreciated.

I made it through the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M and I was in the Navy. Both, very male dominated. I've seen the positive side of working mostly with men and the ugliest side. I went through some sh** but I survived. Accept the fact that most nurses are women and that you can't change the world. You might change the image of "male" nurses one person at a time.

Just by you being a man who is also in nursing school, you have already possibly encouraged some guy out there to enter nursing. Start with yourself by creating a "male-friendly" image for others. When I was in the military I made sure my uniform was ironed, I spoke with intelligence, I held my head up high, I was in shape, I gave orders and I earned their respect. Create that positive image with yourself first. Good luck to ya!

One more thing to some others. So what that nursing is a female dominated profession. As an officer who commanded men in my division, I had to put up with men who would whine, bi***, moan, cry, gossip, lie, etc. But in the end we all had to work together to get the job done. So, let's all just get along!


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For Glopop & HerEyes73

The issue here isn't about this male student looking for sympathy, nor is it about women entering male-dominated fields.

krebs.cycle posted information about men in nursing. He did not say that women going into traditional male roles do not have similar issues--rather, he was posting about a very real issue facing MEN going into NURSING. This isn't an electrician's discussion forum.

Although you are entitled to your opinions, of course, I don't believe you should berate krebs for what he has experienced during his schooling, and what he has likely spent time researching.

Krebs, way to go. I think we need more men in nursing and I applaud you for wanting to be an RN. Good luck.


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First off, in Meet the Parents, I think a really positive image of men in nursing was protrayed. But I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder.

My 14 year old son tells me from watching this movie that he thinks its embarrasing to be a male nurse.

I think that movie did a huge disservice to our male counterparts. When, when, when?? will men get the respect they deserve for busting their a$$es?

I know in previous posts I've extolled the virtues and sometimes begrudgingly given the guys props for their *not gonna take crap* attitudes with doctors, but man, there is still such a stigma towards male nurses.

In all honesty, this is complete and utter bullsh$t! I have about had it up to here with guys being treated like crap by some old bag patient who wants a nice little servant girl to massage her saggy butt and refill her water pitcher.

IMO, when the guys really equal the women in this profession, this subserviant expectance will STOP.

I am not all happy about the way patients behave with male nurses.. Not always negative, many times positive.. for example, what male nurse doesnt share the story of how Patient A (a 75 yr old MI woman) told the day nurse (a woman) that she felt "just fine," and when shift change came and a male RN took over, she suddenly reports "pain all day..nobody could help her." WTF??? Clearly, these pts look at the males and think somehow they can help them more. Or perhaps mistake them as doctors. (as IF a Doc could spend 12 hrs at bedside) I think you get the picture.

Then the male nurse will quite righteously gloat, and I will tell him to bite me. :p

But yeah, gender bias is out there, and it does work both ways.

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just thought i'd say that malik and the asian male nurse on ER are always shown in a positive light. though i know they don't get much in the way of storyline and air time.


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yeah - and they really pull of wearing those pink scrubs. lol! I hope I look that good in pink scrubs.


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