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    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    Since my significant other is a nurse, this one comes from my mother... Milk/dairy products (surprise surprise) make her "mucousy", so she avoids them. That's just fine, except she has been telling people for years that she is "a little bit lactose intolerant". No amount of me telling her otherwise or explaining what lactose intolerance is will change her mind. Her sister-in-law is lactose intolerant, and I know she has explained it to her, but still... Also, a couple of times when she was visiting, she and my daughter ended up sharing a bathroom during her visits (until we renovated downstairs and solved that problem). My mother uses a lot of hairspray, something we don't use at all in our house. The bathroom is small and windowless and there's nowhere for the hairspray to go. Twice, my daughter developed a bit of a wheeze while mom was visiting, and I attributed it to the hairspray, since she has no breathing problems usually and the only time she has ever wheezed was during these two visits. Mom was concerned about the wheezing and kept pointing it out to me, thinking I should be more concerned. But the wheeze was mild, she wasn't short of breath, could talk and walk and was pretty much normal except for the tiny wheeze. I told her that I thought it was her hairspray causing it, because that's the only change and it's only been these two times. And you know what she said? "Well, maybe you just don't notice it until I'm here to point it out to you." Yes, that's it, mother. Because I don't assess people's breathing for a living...
  2. RedRubCatheter

    What the Heck to You Do on Night Shifts?

    Yes, here in Canada (or at least my part of it) we're allowed one hour and forty-five minutes worth of breaks for a twelve hour shift. The forty-five minutes are paid time but the hour is not. I think it's horrible that some people are only allotted a half hour break for a whole twelve hours! And not every night or every unit allows for break clumping like this, but we try when we can. Makes up for the times when breaks are scarce.