Where is everyone from in the world? - page 4

Hey Lads. I am not sure if this has been done before, but i am interested in where everyone is located in the world, and i think it would help to add to the sense of community that we have in this... Read More

  1. by   barcode120x
    Born in Southern California, still in SoCal. SoCal all the way!
  2. by   billd.clipm
    Portland Maine, USA
  3. by   sissiesmama
    West Monroe, Louisiana USA
  4. by   starfish_mantra
    Live on Oahu. Moving to Maui in fall for nursing program.
  5. by   kdshells
    I'm 19, I live in Arkansas and I start my first semester at UAMS BSN program this summer.
  6. by   offthedome
    San Diego, CA. I will finish my BSN next year!
  7. by   Alexander the Great
    I'm from Georgia. I'm currently deployed to Japan. I get out of the military in September and will be going to school in North Carolina.
  8. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
  9. by   crc2015
  10. by   jngnurse
    Born in the US. Currently studying in the Philippines for my BSN. Will be going back to the US after graduation. 25 yo.
  11. by   CaveFreak
    Waitomo, New Zealand!
  12. by   grouchynurse19
    Ohio. Currently in my second of six semesters