Psyc. clinical

  1. Anyone have any tips for psyc. rotation for my RN clinicals. I've never been in the setting and I am getting a bit nervous about the whole thing( I might actaully like it, but until then...).

    Also, anyone have any good study strag. to get through the lecture portion?
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  3. by   Rach101
    This may not be relevant to you as im probably in a different country but im a student currently on my first psych placement. Im actually really enjoying it, even though i thought it would be my most disliked placement.
    I love that you have to much more time to spend with clients, joining in their activities and really interracting with them. Its certainly different from med/surg placements but its absolutely fascinating working with people experiencing mental health problems. Many of them have had very difficult upbringings and i have such a huge respect for all my clients.
    I hope you also enjoy your placement!
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    I worked as a Act. Director in a MI facility for 2.5 years. Many of your patients will be fine, a lot of them are stable on meds. It gives you the chance to remember that as a nurse, you are not there to judge. Everyone is a person who is just dealing with an illness....don't worry, you'll be fine. I was a wreck my first 2 months, until I knew everyone....
  5. by   Medwynn
    I just got done with my 4th day of Psy clinicals. I would have to say that many of the clients are stable on their meds or soon to be stable. Many of the stable clients don't really mind talking to someone but there are a few who just can't stop talking. You will see flight of ideas and lots of loose associations with the schizo's there. It's a very interesting rotation so far. The nurses will tell you who is approachable and who isn't. I hope it'll be a very rewarding for you because i think only 72 hours in my psych rotation just isn't enough.
  6. by   jov
    I'm in the middle of psych rotation. We (8 women,2 men) were all a little scared-silly about going into locked wards. You quickly find out the patients are not so very different from your med/surg patients although they have better stories.
    As far as surviving the lectures, I can't help you there as our instructor was very organized, relevant and entertaining (and she's my clinical instructor as well).
    One more thing, be sure to listen carefully to the safety tips on your psych rotation (i.e. look through the windows into the unit first to see what's going on before you walk into something, watch for people hanging around the doors when you are going out with your key, etc.) Safety. Safety. Safety. First priority in Psych.
  7. by   HotmaleSPN
    when I had my psych clinical we didnt wear our normal white uniforms, we all dressed down, I wore a dickies mechanics outfit. They do that so you wont draw the wrong kind of attention. I was grabbed by a patient and I just told them that it was inappropriate and to please let go, and they did. Always watch your keys, if a student loses them they do a lock down in bigger facilities, plus you have to pay for the key. I didnt tell alot of people personal info because it could be problems later. Its not as scary as it seems, I actually enjoyed my week there.
  8. by   algebra_demystified
    When I take pts to or pick them up from the psych unit I just love it. It's like going to the circus. I'm laughing right now about a dozen experiences that have gone through my head.

    And then there are ones that I can't forget if I wanted to. BUt that's life, you know? Nurses spend their work hours on the line.
  9. by   cfrimer
    I just finished my first day of psych (geri unit), and it was a very positive experience for me -- of course, not happy, since the patients are all in so much mental pain, but positive in that I felt like I was helping them just by being there with them, even though I (and in fact no one) can "fix" them.

    It helps to keep in mind that the patients there are just people who need our care, after all. Once you get on the unit and see them, you'll know what I mean. It is a little scary knowing that patients on a psychiatric unit are sometime less predictable and less easy to understand or connect with than patients with only medical problems, but as a student, it is quite unlikely that you will be in a situation where you are in danger or will need to be managing aggressive patients on your own. That may come in time, of course, but going in for your first day, the staff/instructor will hopefully be gentle with you!
  10. by   LaxNP
    I just want to say thank you to everyone that responed. Its great to hear from other guys that are out there. Today was my last day of med. surg. clinical for a month or so while I head over to psyc. I had a pt. today on the med. surg. floor that had a vast psyc. hx. So I sat and talked to him for a while and I dont know how much of it was true but he really entertained me, although that sounds bad but it was great to talk to him for a while. It seemed like he didnt judge me and in return I didn't judge him. I guess that the biggest lesson.

    Thanks Fellas
  11. by   allegory
    Just go in being as neutral as possible and enjoy your time with them. Use as much therapeutic communication as you can without making yourself uncomfortable. If you have a difficult patient remember safety and report to your RN. They will advise you on what is best to do.