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Hi - quick question about guys and pinning ceremonies. Don't mean to offend anyone, but pinning ceremonies (pins, Nightingale lamps, etc.) don't seem very oriented towards the male gender. Do male... Read More

  1. by   ICRN2008
    As a girl, I am appreciative that my school did not have any candles, roses, etc as part of our pinning ceremony. Even I would have found that cheesy, so I'm sure that the guys in my class (one in particular) would have been tempted not to participate. We have a guest speaker, a faculty speaker, and then the dean did a little speech. Each graduates accomplishments were listed (honors, Sigma Theta Tau, etc) and then we each came up and were pinned by the dean or a family member. We wore our graduation gowns (no hats), and some of the guys just wore a dark suit. Overall it was a very nice ceremony and we enjoyed it quite a bit.

    When my aunt graduated about 15 years ago, they wore white dresses, white hats, carried lamps, and the whole nine yards. Things are beginning to change, at least in some parts of the country.
  2. by   jimthorp
    I'm not sure what the ADN program ceremony is like but we had nada as graduates of the PN program, which finishes in August each year. The class tried to put something together themselves but there was some friction between a couple cliques, with one particular control freak woman causing most of it. I was a member of the committee but not neccessarily of either clique.

    What bothered me the most was that during the planning there was discussion that we needed the program director's permission to arrange our own ceremony on our own time but on campus. I am not the sit back and take it kinda guy so I spoke up and said; "like heck we do". All we need is the permission of the college administration in general for use of the student union and I didn't see getting that permission as a problem considering they promote activites there such as the feminazi Vagina Monologues. In the end I withdrew from the committee and let it self destruct, which it did.

    The school did offer to let us walk in the general graduation ceremony the following May. We also could have purchased an overpriced pin from one of those class ring dealers. I declined both.

    All I have to show for my hard fought efforts is a certificate, license, and gainful employment. After all, isn't that what the goal was anyway!!
  3. by   heywazzupdude
    I don't think that pinning ceremonies are "girly" at all. I think it's purely symbolic of an academic accomplishment in the study of nursing. It will definitely be girly if it is a "nurse's hat" ceremony.
  4. by   GFocker
    I dod not go to my nursing graduation pinning ceremony, there were two of us me and one female. It just wasnt for me.
  5. by   GFocker
    *did* sorry :wink2:
  6. by   DaveSVN
    we had a candle lighting along with our pinning in our white clinical uniforms (which I hate wearing with a passion). Nothing too fancy outside of that, we just wanted to get the thing over with so we could eat the food we brought for us and our guests. People can only sit and listen to speeches for so long hehe.
  7. by   lab211
    Interesting about the pinning ceremony. I have decided to attend our pinning cermemony which is about 12 weeks away. It is obvious that I don't much about the actual ceremony, the lamps, roses, etc.All I know is that us guys are to wear white shirts, white pants, and white shoes. It's a recognition event for our hard I will be there cause I TOO have worked hard to get where I am.
  8. by   KckStrt
    as i am the president of the student nursing association, i am pretty much required to be at the pinning. ours is the white coat and black pants/dress with the candles, roses and two student speakers, i am sure i will be one of them.... it is kind of cheesy, the ones before us, so we are trying to make it a little "hipper". my wife is working on our "slide show presentation" of photos during clinicals and at those recruitment parties we all go too. i am excited to just to be finishing up with this, so i can get my life back...

    take care,