Anyone seen any all-white shoes?

  1. First off, I have done extensive searching on this site and on Google in general, and in stores around my area for months now, so this isn't a lazy attempt at getting help.

    The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to find any ALL-WHITE all-leather nursing shoes anywhere. And I mean all white as in no non-white stitching or lettering or anything anywhere on the shoe. They are very strict about this. The shoes cannot be clogs or mules, which leaves out the Danskos Professional Box ones.

    Of course if I were a female I would have at least 118 to choose from. Stupid girls, you have cooties.

    The closest ones I have found were out of stock in my size, and have been ever since. I am a size 11, 4E width.

    Anyone seen anything? I have an instructor breathing down my neck about this.
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  3. by   sharpeimom
    Reyer's in Sharon, PA advertises that they carry a big selection of sizes and styles of shoes. As far as I know, they still mail.

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    (724) 981-2200

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  4. by   tenjuna
    thanks for the tip...unfortunately the only one they had even close wasn't in my size.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    Spira Classic Leather 5 star rating given $140.00 at Zappo's online.
  6. by   tenjuna
    thanks for that...that's about the closest I am going to find I bet. I have been looking all summer, and I seriously doubt there is a shoe on this planet with a white sole that is not a clog.
  7. by   LadyLeo75
    If you have a famous footwear in your area go there they have all white shoes for reasonable prices. That is I you don't have to wear nursing shoes. Good luck to you.
  8. by   bubblejet50
    I bought my all whites from walmart in the men section (im a girl). They were dr. scholls and lasted my 2 yrs of clinicals, were very comfortable, and were only $20!
  9. by   Bob_N_VA
    Get thee to and search on "mens white nursing shoes" and you will have lots to choose from, more than I had when I ordered them almost 3 years ago. I ordered the Pro-Step Men's Anderson Slip-On Shoes which were 60 something at the time but are up a few bucks now and not carried directly by amazon (so no free shipping with prime). Finding anything locally is tough for male nursing clothing, you can find real good deals on amazon for things like scrub tops and scrub bottoms with zippers (a requirement).
  10. by   AgentBeast
  11. by   tenjuna
    ScottE I thank you for that...except they don't have them in my size. I am finding now that the problem was finding them in my size moreso then finding some that didn't have any marking or badges.

    I am talking to the coordinator of the nursing program on Thursday. I am done looking the ones I need simply don't exist.
  12. by   sharpeimom
    This won't help with shoes for clinicals, but my dad, who wore a size 11 1/2 4E because of very
    high instep, found most of his shoes either from Nunn-Bush or Florsheim (sp.?) and his sport shoes
    came from LL Bean.

    A neighbor's son who eventually grew to be 7' 2 1/2" and wore a ridiculously huge wide shoe finally
    ordered his non-dressy shoes from the same companies who supplied a nearby pro-football team!
    His football coach called their main number, explained the problem, and whomever they transferred
    the coach to was very helpful. That kid wore something like a size 22 shoe!
  13. by   ladylysis
    Have you looked at Zappos? I've been able to find 4e shoes for my husband there. They have several pairs available that should work for you, and return shipping is free if they don't work out.

    I'm curious as to why you can't wear the Dansko ones with the closed back; they meet all the OSHA criteria.
  14. by   ladylysis
    Also, if you find some that are close - like New Balance, but they have grey stitching around the logo, for instance - use white shoe polish to rectify that problem. This expands your options quite a bit.

    Good luck!