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Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   dangnano22
    I took RN license here in the Philippines and completed my BSN degree at the age of 19 and took the NCLEX at the age of 20 and i am still waiting for NCLEX RN results
  2. by   IceStar817
    I'm starting the BSN program this fall and i'm 23 yrs old.
  3. by   FireM3dic432
    Starting the Paramedic to RN program this fall and im 25.
  4. by   Ebouster
    30 years old and just passed boards on Monday... start work this Monday
  5. by   IceStar817
    Hey that's great news, congratz Ebouster!!
  6. by   PeaceKeepr
    25, Will turn 26 on 8/9.

    I just got accepted into a program.
  7. by   finalheaven016
    hmm..i started my colleg life last year..I was 16 yrs Im in my 2nd year...
  8. by   finalheaven016
    hmm..i started my college life last year..I was 16 yrs Im in my 2nd year...
  9. by   ajacketsfan
    I'm 32, did pretty well on my Hesi A2 and have an interview with the Dean of Admissions on Wednesday... so I'm hoping to start nursing school soon.
  10. by   Ric31
    I'm 31 going to be 32 in Sept. I think that alot of the Male that enter the nursing field are going to be older. I feel this way due to the sigma of it being a job only for woman. Most Men, like myself have tried our hands in other fields and due to reason out of our control have turn to Nursing. I dont look at this as being a second choice, I look at it more as the right choice. Looking back I wish I had done this so much sooner. I think that when i am all done with school, I am really going to enjoy my job.
  11. by   sjessamy
    Graduated from high school at 17...and started college right after..but ive been bouncing around between what i really wanted to do until i decided on becoming a im starting a 10 month lpn next month..ill be 23 in Nov....
  12. by   Aaron86
    I was 16 when I applied and declared my major and applied to college, 17 my freshman year in college, and then 20 when I started actual nursing classes.

    I had a fairly large class size of about 200. Ages ranged from 19 to some in their 50s. probably 15 of those were guys and it seemed to me most of the other guys were youngin's like me
  13. by   marcos9999
    I'm 51 now, almost finished with my MSN. A big life change here.

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