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  1. barleynhopsBSN

    BA to BSN prerequisites

    Email the instructor before the first class and let him/her know that you want to add Bio 112 once there is room. Show up to class and introduce yourself to the instructor and be involved in the class. People always drop after the first class or two and then you will get in.
  2. barleynhopsBSN

    New grads: what did you do with your notes from nursing school?

    I throw my notes away after every class. If I want to look something up it is easier to look it up online or in a book rather then my notes.
  3. barleynhopsBSN

    NG jobless for 8 months, is there hope?

    Sorry to hear you are still looking for a job =( Have you also been applying to SNFs?
  4. barleynhopsBSN

    Science/Math isn't your thing, but you're doing it

    I can relate. I always hated science and math when in high school and college. I avoided both and got BA because math were difficult for me. 5 years later, still scared of science and math but wanting to become a nurse I started college again with basic Bio and Algebra. I found that it was more interesting as an older student. I think that it also helped knowing that the classes were building a foundation of knowledge that would help me during my goal of becoming a nurse. My suggestion to you- stop telling yourself that you are not good at math and science. Find out who the best math and science teachers for your learning style and go for it with a positive mindset. If you tell yourself that you stink at math you wont give yourself the chance to try and learn in. Most schools have a math and science tutoring center where you can get extra help if you need it. Also go the office hours and meet with your instructor to ask questions. Also keep in mind that as you progress into AP and patho the concepts will become less abstract and feel more related to nursing then say algebra or chem.
  5. barleynhopsBSN

    Am I crazy?

    You guys dont be scared of the micro class. It is not hard to get an A and it is really interesting stuff. He gives you a detailed outline and if you go over that and attend class you can get an A pretty easily.
  6. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    I walk or ride my bike to school also 90% of the time. However, for clinical the school expects you to have a car. Sometime you are at clinical sites by yourself so you cant carpool with other students and the bus may not be reliable when you have to be at clinical in the wee hours of the morning or late in the evening. Hang on to the car if you can.
  7. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Since the curriculum hasn't changed for this summer I am assuming the books will be the same as the last several years. The professor for the first class should email you soon with enough time to buy the books online in time for class. If you buy the books early based on my recommendations do so at your own risk -I would buy the older edition of Taber's that you found for under $10 on Amazon. For the amount you use it that would be fine. I actually rarely use Tabers usually it is easier to just google terms I dont know then look it up with Taber's. I wouldn't pay the extra money for the PDA version. -If anyone is really into using PDAs, Linfield students are usually offered a discount on Nursing Skyscape Constellation. (search for threads on All Nurses for discussion on Skyscape). http://www.skyscape.com/estore/storetwocol.aspx?category=64 -There is a decent free Ipod/Iphone app which is similar to Davis Drug guide called Epocrates. -PDA vs book is personal preference. For me books are easier to use most of the time but depends on what you like. Most of the time at clinicals there are Davis Drug Guides at the nurses station to look up when you are passing meds. -You wont need Tabers and Davis Drug guide until July so it is not a huge rush to buy before class starts unless you want to. -I would suggest buying Life Support and start reading it now if you have the time and feel like it. Perhaps start shopping for the Fundamental's set by Wilkenson and Van Lueven but wait to buy it once you get your syllabus from the school. -We were all annoyed that the school didn't contact us earlier as well! Things will work out fine and you wont fall behind even if you dont start reading before class starts. One of the problems with any nursing school is the lack of organization at times, just need to roll with it -I hope this helps!
  8. barleynhopsBSN

    Shoes for Men in Nursing

    I alternate between Dansko's and running shoes. The Dankso's have great support and although they are expensive the sole is so firm that they don't break down as fast as softer soled running shoes. Croc's dont have enough support for me and and cause my lower back to hurt. IMO shoes are not something to skimp on. Spend the money and get shoes with the support you need. Nursing is hard enough on our backs to have poor fitting footwear contribute to the problem.
  9. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Jessica- Shoes- Clean white tennis shoes are fine. After Nursing 106 which you will take mid July-August none of the instructors care what you wear. After 106 I just wore black Dansko's to every clinical and lab. Scrubs- You dont need scrubs until Mid July. For orientation and your entire first class at Linfield just show up in street clothes. Books- Linfield will offer you a deal at orientation on all of the books you need for the entire program. I think it would be much cheaper to buy the books from other students or on Amazon as you progress through the program. laptop- You 100% need one. A cheap one would be fine, just need internet, and word processing, power point. If you do spend a bit more money- Apple usually has a summer deal where the MacBook is discounted and you get a free Ipod Touch that you can use as a PDA. As a Linfield student you get like 10% off on Apple as well. Just an idea.. Orientation- Just show up and be ready to for information overload! It is a lot of fun meeting your new classmates who you will take all your classes with and become close friends with over the next 18 mths. I think that covers the basics for Summer. If you have any other questions just let me know.
  10. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    They will probably email it to you by the time it is posted on the homepage. Here is where it would be. Linfield > Quick Links > More > Syllabi and Course schedule
  11. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Oh sorry they dont have it posted yet for summer '10.
  12. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    The books we used last summer were: -Life Supprt by Susan Gordon -Publication of the American Psychological Association 6th ed. (Probably dont need this because APA information can be found online) -Wilkinson, J.M. & Van Leuven, K. (2007). Fundamentals of nursing: Theory, concepts & applications. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. (VOL 1 and 2 plus the DVD set) -Venes, D. (Ed.). (2005). Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary (20th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company. (can always buy for PDA instead of book if you want) -Deglin, J. H. & Vallerand, A. H. (2007). Davis's drug guide for nurses (11th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company. (if you use a Macintosh I would suggest buying the web version from Davis's webpage because it makes it easier to cut and paste information for when you make Medication Admin Profiles which you will start doing in late July, the disc that regular book comes with does not work on Mac.) The prof for your first class (Nursing 103) will email you a syllabus soon. (You can also look up old syllabi on the Linfield webpage) I would pick up Life Support (which is a novel) and read it so you don't need to worry about it during school.
  13. barleynhopsBSN

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Jessica Congrats on you acceptance to Linfiled! Here are a couple more resources for immunizations and health check: Portland Industrial Clinic. (A lot of students use this clinic for immunizations, it is only 1 block away from campus and prices are similar to other clinics.) Outside In. For your physical if you don't have a PCP and are under 30yo. If you don't get all your immunizations done by orientation you are still going to be OK. You really don't need them until you start clinical. I remember rushing to get all mine done by the first day of class only to find out the school just needed them to be done by clinical which I think started in August. Try and get them done as soon as you can but don't stress about it. Other things you might want to know: The school will put you in touch with a "mentor" soon in last years accelerated cohort who will be able to able to help with questions. You will need a pair of white shoes, two pairs of navy blue scrubs, and a white lab coat by July when you start in the skills lab. Buy Linfield patches from the bookstore and sew one onto the left shoulder of each scrub top and your lab coat. Check bookstore hrs before coming to school the hours are limited. Again, you dont need this right away but if you want to get started you can. At orientation the school will have give you a chance to order a Littman stethoscopes. The school will proved you with a daily planner. Most students use either the planner they give you or something on their smart phone, so don't go out and buy a planner for nursing school unless you really want to. You dont need a PDA. However, many students like using Iphone,Ipod touch, palm et. You do need a laptop with a copy of Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages on it for the 100s of pages of documents you will be writing =P Last of all try and relax and have some fun before you start! The first class is an overview of nursing kind of a class and although and aside from spending a lot of time in the classroom its not hard. The HESI exam you take first week of class is just a reading comprehension test. If you speak English as a first language it will be incredible easy. Congrats again, see you in a few weeks.
  14. barleynhopsBSN

    linfield college nursing

    Sourapril- I agree with what Taz already has mentioned. Definitely apply to both programs to increase your chance of acceptance. With your background I would shoot for the Accelerated Cohort. Students in the Accelerated Cohort must have at least a Bachelors degree so they are all returning students who are typically older (30 y/o probably avg) and are dedicated to their education. The school must have temporarily removed the information about the Accelerated program from their webpage. Linfield is planning a curriculum change, so they might be updating the information for the webpage.
  15. barleynhopsBSN

    Cheap textbook sites?

    I have found Craigslist to be the cheapest place for text books. Books are usually available before and after each term. Also, You can also sell your books on Craigslist for more then your school will buy them back for.
  16. barleynhopsBSN

    Just finished OB rotation

    Hey with some of the negative OB stories here I just wanted to chime in with my experience. OB was my best rotation so far! I think that more guys should go into OB with an open mind. There are definitely a few factors that will help a male student have a successful rotation. First, a clinical instructor that will advocate for you with the nurses (if you dont have this talk with your instructor). Two, a positive attitude and willingness to get involved on your rotation. I had one nurse go into the room and ask the pt "do you want a male student" in a way that made the pt. feel like she should refuse my care. This only happened one time. All of the other nurses were awesome and treated me like any other healthcare provider! The moms dads were all comfortable with me caring for them and their baby. The nurses remarked that I seemed comfortable and ready to helped out any way I could compared to many of the male paramedic and nursing students who just sat at the nurses station and didn't want to do anything because they didn't plan on working OB. Try this: come into the room- "Hey I'm BarleynHops a nursing student, I have your fentanyl mind of I come in?" No but seriously, pts can tell if you are putting off an attitude that you dont want to be there. By the end of the rotation I had seen 3 births and 1 C/S, done IV push medications, mom & baby IMs, done assessments, discharge teaching, baby baths, all the charting, Foley Cath insertion, and had a pt of my own for the last 2 days of MBU. I had a nurse recommend that I go for NICU and another suggest that I consider their unit when I graduate. Even though I want to go into ED I made some great connections on the unit and grew a lot as a student nurse. Who knows maybe NICU would be interesting someday.